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(In-house video review of this pistol can be seen in the image line up)

We must say that the realism on the GLOCK 19 Gen3 is par-none. From taking it out of the box, its hallmark polymer body is as finely manufactured as its real firearm counterpart. The same meticulous attention given to detail and product performance given to Glocks serving in law enforcement and military operations world wide, now replicated as-is into a CO2 gas gun model. Merely picking up this weapon and feeling its weight is convincing enough that this by all means was intended as a pistol intended to appear authentic, down to the serial number and licensing marks.

This gun will maintain its shot consistancy all the way up to 80/90 shots, before suddenly climbing down to 200 FPS.

One Year Warranty 
• Officially Licensed product of Glock GmbH. Accurately replicates the Glock 19, Gen3; Has all authentic markings, namely the GLOCK logo, 'AUSTRIA' and '9x19'. The stippling on the grip panels matches up to that moulded on the firearm counterpart, as do the finger partitioning w/ the periodic box checkering.

• Calibre: 4.5mm shot - use steel or copper, 5 ~ 8 grains for optimal performance. We haven't as yet had the best of luck w/ flyweight plastic shot, as some customers complained about chambering issues with these. Please also note that, even if you could fire plastic shot with this pistol, it is not airsoft rated. You'll get muzzle velocities in the region of 450 - 500 FPS, which certainly will hurt other players.

• Fixed sights. Front dot and squared-U rear, white. Again, very authentic looking

• Serialized mock ejection port w/ extractor, but has a realistic seated appearance, lending the impression that the slide could actually actuate.

• The muzzle end has a recessed 9mm groove and landing barrel appearance w/ your recessed 4.5mm smoothbore barrel deeper in.

• 410-420 FPS using your average joe 5.2gr nickel plated steel shot. You can expect a soft drink tin can sized grouping with these @ 7 meters when shooting this gun in standing position.

• GLOCK's propriety "SAFE ACTION®" double blade trigger safety is applicable on the trigger here. We're pretty much sure also that this gun won't discharge if dropped and we can rule out the striker firing action, although, do note that the firing action we can define as a "gas gun double action", in that, as you'd pull the trigger, the barrel is pressed forward up until an appex, before the trigger disengages from the sear, the barrel resets w/ force, hitting the valve open whilst simultaneously creating a gas-tight seal, whereafter the shot is propelled through the barrel and discharged from the muzzle. Note that the barrel itself does not extend beyond the muzzle end. The 4.5mm calibre barrel is likewise of darker colour, not the typical brass colour you'd see on these types of non-blowback gas guns.

• Trigger weight closely replicates the real firearm's 6.5 lbs. The trigger pull is consistent, hybrid double action feel. Not as light as an ordinary single action hammer fire pull, but still nice enough.
Powerplant: 12g CO2 cartridge loaded vertically into vertical slot at rear of grip behind removable backstrap. a galvinized hex key swivels out of backstrap, which can be used to tighten up your inserted CO₂ capsule. The backstrap itself in this case, serves as the torque T-handle.

• Magazine: tilted metal stick type w/ horizontal polymer base that comprises the dummy magazine buttplate. The shot fits into the funnel hole, which is in the center of the magazine strip, after the magazine follower has been retracted fully and hitched into a designated side notch at the bottom, to allow easier loading of the shot

• Trigger action: As noted above - Non-Blowback Double Action, the entire firing cycle is integrated into the trigger pull and release, both of which follows through seamlessly w/out any special attention needed to be placed, except maybe for the trigger weight, which does require a bit of deliberate intent.

• The handle is polymer w/ your vague stippling, also featuring a pronounced thumb rest

•Integrated underbarrel single slot Picatinny rail. You should be able to attach your normal GLOCK underbarrel illumination thereon w/ no problem

• Non Blowback of course - the slide does not rack, is completely static, however, because it doesn't use gas to actuate the slide, therefore, the muzzle velocity is higher, compared to a blowback gun.

• Serial: GUW019 


  • 1 x UMAREX 5.8358 Glock 19 Gen3 CO₂ Pistol

Technical Specifications;


4.5mm / .177 metal shot


Fully licensed 1:1 replica by GLOCK








717 grams

Magazine Capacity:

16 shot


3J approximately


Smoothbore, NNB actuating

Firing mode:



Yes, authentic square notch and white dot. Crisp finish on the paint

Underbarrel mounting option

Single slot Picatinny rail


 None, double blade ‘SAFE ACTION®’ only


1x 12g CO2 capsule

Useful Shots per 12g CO2 capsule:

About 96


Product Video can be perused here;

UMAREX 5.8358 GLOCK 19 GEN 3 CO2 PISTOL - NeonSales South Africa

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