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In this combo you will receive the following :

  • 1 X Baredda S56 Blank Gun - Black
  • 10 X Kaiser Blank Rounds P.A.K
  • 1 X Ambidextrous IWB Holster 


This is the BAREDDA S56 in black, replica of the CZ model 75.

It features an all-metal design w/ polymer grip stock that are faintly long triangle checkered, which does offer a respectable amount of traction. 

Similar to most CZ pistols, the un-cocked gun will have its trigger forwarded and the scallop accordingly, will appear pronounced. You'll also see as illustrated, the trigger blade's position when the gun is cocked.

In terms of the trigger weight - it is rather weighty, presumably due to the stiff trigger spring. However, on the flip side, the trigger reset is absolutely minimal. You can hold the trigger toward the back per shot fired, and get consecutive, rapid-fire shots off. You only need to slightly let the trigger back forward, before you'll hear it reset. However, keeping the trigger rearward, may fatigue your hand, as you'll need to keep the trigger rearward. The trigger guard similar to the 1992 transitional model, has a squared off trigger guard.

The controls are slightly off-spec when comparing it to the firearm counterpart. These controls are triple stepped / layered both upward and downward. Otherwise, they are both slender as well as lengthy, which does make it easy to toggle them. Good nevertheless, as most everything movable on this gun, is stiff. The safety is at the rear, frame-mounted, and simply can be toggled up or down w/ your firing hand's thumb. This safety is ambidextrous / mounted both sides. Note in the case of some of these guns, that you'll need to toggle both levers, to put the pistol on safe. Doing so, prevents the sear from toggling the trigger and likewise, the related tension is absent - only the trigger's own weight can then be felt when pulling it.

The hammer otherwise, is steel and realistic looking - a thin-ish upright w/ a pinhole through the head, w/ cross-serrations off the ridge both sides, following the ball head shape of the hammer.

Otherwise, this gun features a 16 shot chrome-plated magazine, whose finish does resist tarnishing that occurs from magazine-to-magwell friction. It likewise, has a smooth and slightly slippery texture. The floorplate of this magazine is polymer, as is the magazine follower. The former can be removed by pushing the pin embedded in the base plate upward, whereafter the floorplate can be slid off.

The magazine release button is a knurled cylinder head shape, which of course, is presumably a type of non-magnetic alloy, similar to the hammer and likewise, the other controls. Only the barrel, blowback rod, field strip pin and magazine body has strong traces of steel. The remainder of the gun is not particularly magnetic.

Otherwise, the top of the slide has that typical narrow dovetail rail milled out of it w/ a set of five grooves running along its length. The iron sights too, are reasonably realistic looking.

The ejection port on this pistol is an oblong hole, particularly small as you'd have on the CZ model 75, though this gun does cycle very reliably, despite its low price tag and likewise, is one of our most accurate CZ 75 replicas.

This is one our lowest priced all-metal blank guns.

Technical Specifications:

Replica of

CZ model 75 (1992 transitional model)


9x22mm P.A.K



Pepper cartridge compatible?


Dimensions (mm)








944 g

Trigger Action

Single Action, Semi Auto.

Firing method

Hammer fired

Magazine capacity



All Metal, plastic grip stocks (long triangle checked, narrow profile)


Yes, ambidextrous thumb lever on rear the frame, slightly above the beaver tail

Ease of Field Strip

5/10 – Bit of a mission - you need to press the field strip pin out, followed by the slide catch lever, before the slide can hitch off at the rear. Reassembling would then just be the reverse of aforementioned steps.

Lanyard loophole

Yes, behind magazine floorplate

Removable grip stocks

Yes, uses 1x countersunk phillips drive screws each

Magazine Release


Under-barrel Picatinny Rail



BAREDDA S56 BLACK + 10 BLANKS + HOLSTER - NeonSales South Africa

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