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Our OPTEX WXI products are expertly crafted with a blend of analog and digital technologies. These sensors have a 180° field of view and can be customized to fit your specific security needs. Experience unparalleled protection with the WXI series, which combines years of proven expertise and advanced features to quickly identify and deter potential intruders.


  • 180 degree wall-to-wall coverage
  • Individual alarm outputs
  • Individual sensitivity setting
  • Individual detection area size
  • Self-learning IR digital anti-masking function
  • Sunlight canceling
  • Rainwater and insect canceling
  • AND logic function to reduce false alarms
  • Area masking shutter
  • Area masking plate
  • SMDA (Super Multidimensional Analysis) logic

    Individual alarm outputs
This WXI setup includes 2 detectors, providing individual alarm signals on both the left and right sides. This makes it a versatile option for PTZ activation, direction recognition, and day and night detection pattern changes with a CP.

Individual sensitivity setting

Detection sensitivity can be set to High, Medium and Low by left and right switches individually.

Self-learning IR digital anti-masking function

WXI detects covering objects on lens surface. IR digital anti-masking function optimizes trigger level of trouble outputs generated by masking depends on status of lens surface. A well-calibrated adjustment for both of emitting and receiving level of IR LED fluctuating by temperature contributes to stable anti-masking.

Area masking shutter

By rotary sliding area masking shutter, the size of detection areas can be changed.

Area masking plate

Unwanted detection areas can be masked by included area masking plate.

Screw free design

You can open / close front cover and remove / put main unit without any screws. It contributes to reduction of installation time. And it automatically begins when you close front cover and ends after 3 minutes.

Double conductive shielding

By using our double conductive shielding, the visible light disturbance and RFI can be blocked.

SMDA (Super Multi Dimension Analysis) logic

By analyzing detection patterns and environmental information, SMDA improves immunity against various noise factors such as climate changes and vegetation sways, and can distinguish between the cause of nuisance false alarms and genuine intrusions.

Double-layered detection patterns

Two double-layered detection patterns (upper and lower) both have to be activated to generate an alarm condition. This reduces false alarms, particularly those caused by temperature changes, light reflection and small animals.
OPTEX WXI OUTDOOR BEAM - 180 DEGREE - NeonSales South Africa

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