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In-house manufactured barrel band for the ARTEMIS "PREDATOR"�PR900
Strong and dense composition, utilizing a heavily glycol-modified polyester which lends this plastic a very tough ("taai") gum-like composition. It will flex and bend and one would be quite hard-pressed to snap it, even if stepping on it with a bit of force and weight.

That being said - we want our barrel bands to flex a little so as to be able to flex slightly inward once the machine screw is being fastened, so as to cup the barrel and reservoir, instead, shrouding both w/ an energy percussion shielding, instead of a more pricier metal piece that will reverberate and not properly absorb the outward energy produced by this rifle's infamous rattling barrel.

With this option, you'll need to remove your sound moderator / silencer and silencer adapter both prior to installing this piece.

Once installed, this coupler needs to have its machine screw installed and comes included w/ a stainless steel M3x12 cheesehead machine screw plus nut for securing this bit. Please do not over-tighten as this may warp the part.

Once affixed, you can reinstall your sound moderation attachment(s), however, please note that this barrel band may shift your POI and you'll need to re-zero your scope.

In this case, please note that, if you need to make excessive adjustments to either your windage or elevation, then the barrel band is not correctly installed or the barrel may have been bumped sideways, but the barrel band prevented the barrel's position from completely reseting.

We are currently looking at options to counteract this; having a barrel band that will more positively secure the barrel and reservoir together whilst more thoroughly counteracting POI shift caused by bumping the barrel, by preventing the barrel from being moveable at all from its clamped position whilst keeping the price down. Please use this option for now - we guarentee it will perform its job by muffling and absorbing all muzzle rattle.

Fits the PR900, no need to use it on the CR600 - the latter does not put out high enough gas pressures.


Reservoir hole : ø22mm

Barrel hole : ø12mm

Distance between the two holes: 4.15mm

Wall density at top: 1.80mm

Wall density at the bottom: 2.4mm


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