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a Useful caddy for retaining your PCP handpump's hose in vertical position, parallel to your pump's mainshaft.

This is useful for keeping in check an otherwise elongated part of the pump that is not ordinairily removed, hence that it needs to operate leak-proof at pressures of up to 300 BAR. For that reason, many people apply a dense layer of PTFE tape around the brass thread connectors and tighten the nuts on by means of the supplier multitool or a spanner. For this reason, one wouldn't just remove the hose.

It was with this annoyance in mind, that we came up w/ the idea to create this "caddy" - a hose holder just like at the refueling station.

This part clamps both sides around the mainshaft by means of the supplied 2x stainless steel M3x12 cheesehead machine screws and matching pair of nuts. All of these fit flush into the boresink holes designed for them. The edges of the two pieces are filleted to 0.8mm, so there are no unpleasant square angles one's hand might come into contact with, however, this part is manufactured readily solid and will withstand some punishment. On the other side, the holder bat on the side will hold the hose, however, the hose has to be brought up, pressed through the gate, then relaxed into the bay. The hose itself won't then be removable. unless one lifts it up first, then pulls it out.

Since the sleeve on the female quick coupler is knurled brass, we recommend taping around two three laps of insulation tape where this female coupler might come into contact w/ the shaft, so as to prevent the two from chaffing.

Also remember to keep your female quick coupler plugged at all times when not in use w/ the plug that came included in the package w/ your pump - this will prevent dust and moisture from entering that side, as there is no filter to prevent that same ingress from breaching your PCP rifle's reservoir. We recommend keeping the pump plugged this way, but leave the bleeder screw slightly open, to normalize the pump's internal pressure when not in use.

With the pump's foldable feet, you should now be able to make your pump more portable - putting it in your backpack when going through the bush or even on safari.


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