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The JPX Jet Protector Frame is a reloadable high-tech OC delivery system. Each cartridge (two per magazine) fires exceptionally potent liquid OC at 405 mph with effective distance of 23 feet. Warning: The MINIMUM safe discharge distance is 5 feet from the tip of the magazine to the target.
The filling volume is 10 ml (0.28 fl.oz) per cartridge. The cartridges are powered by a 9mm blank cartridge. Each 2-shot cartridge can be used twice and is replaced as a singular unit.

Depending on their payload the 2-shot cartridges are marked with a specific label. The patented cartridge design provides a unique self-clean mechanism cleaning from residues, so that after you fire one shot, you aren’t exposed to the residues from the fired barrel.

The content of active Capsaicinoides in the Piexon OC solution is between 2.0 and 2.5%, measured with the HPLC method. Capsaicin content is 1.5%


Pepper Gel Self Defense Tool. Contains OC gel. Jet delivery minimizes cross-contamination. Suitable for indoor use. Jet delivery minimizes deflection through side or head wind. Superior performance in terms of velocity and range of the liquid irritant jet

Why are the Piexon products more expensive than a classic pepper spray?

The JPX is a high-performance device with a much higher stopping and protective effect compared to pepper spray. Both the device and the cartridges are complex products that are built from first-class, carefully tested materials and components. The high performance and quality has its price.

What is Piexol? (The actual fluid being discharged)

It is an irritant that is unpleasant for humans, but not (life-) dangerous. The derivative is obtained from the resin oil of the Tabasco plant (Capsicum frutescens) and shot using a carrier liquid made of benzyl alcohol.

How long will an assailant be incapacitated after being hit in the face?

Typically, the OC charge could keep a person down for up to 45 minutes,  depending on their tolerance. Enough time to get yourself to safety and call the police.

What is the shelf life of an OC magazine?

Typically the life of the magazines is about 4 years.

Does a JPX produce a loud gunshot like a firearm?

No. A JPX produces a ‘launch’ noise, but it is much quieter than that of a firearm.

What about the risk of injury to an assailant?

  1. The required safety distance is 1.5m, measured between the muzzle of the JPX and the assailant’s face. If closer that 1.5m from the face of the assailant, move back before shooting.
  2. Distances of less that 1.5m could result in permanent injury to the sight of the assailant.
  3. The risk to the shooter, under normal circumstances is nil.

Product brochure in .PDF can be perused by clicking here


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