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This is the ZORAKI 914 - one of the highest capacity compact pistols we stock. Being ZORAKI branded, you of course know that, these pistols can handle a sum of 2000 blank cartridges put through them straight, one magazine after the next. The controls on this pistol toggles easily / readily, whilst the pistol itself dry cycles like a dream. The blowback spring is moderately stiff, but it does on the other hand lend for more chambering force i.e. pulling the cartridges out of the magazine and putting them into battery.


  • Compact pistol w/ broad, double stack handle width
  • Superior reliability, thanks to its brand name
  • Open top breech design, extractor is top-seated
  • Hammer fired
  • SA/DA
  • Open barrel, w/ only projectile blocker
  • All metal design

This pistol undoubtedly is one of favourites and certainly a buyer's choice for those willing to pay a little extra, to get a pistol they will be able to keep for a lifetime.
This pistol has all the classic features of an automatic handgun as one knows it;
Hammer fired; Barrel shaped ridge that is thoroughly cross-serrated w/ a pinhole through its circular centre. That circular centre is also the slot for the spring wire pin that serves to retain the clout-centre cartridge - a sacrificial insert that is used to hit the firing pin itself that, as the name suggests, is a high-ferrous metal insert that will handle the concussive force much better than the rest of the hammer - the hammer itself it a softer metal, not as suited for the same purpose.

The benefits of such a pinhole include;

  • Prevents deformation
    The hole is lined up to strike the firing pin, and the force is placed on the pin side of the hole. The hole transfers the impact around itself, sending the force up and down in the hammer.
  • Reduces weight
    The hole reduces the weight of the hammer, which reduces the lock time. Lock time is the time between when the hammer is released and when the firing pin strikes the primer.
  • Safer manual de-cocking
    The hole makes for safer manual de-cocking. To de-cock, pinch the hammer with your pointer finger and thumb, causing the pads of the digits to squeeze into the hole while lowering the hammer.
Broad cocking serrations; Makes it easier to squeeze the maleable mass of your fingers into the grooves and obtain better grip / traction on the slide. The slide does rack surely this way, but you will need muscle strength nevertheless to rack the slide, though not much. The set features nine serrations on each side, at the rear only, not the front. In particular, they are about 1.7mm in width each.

Single Action / Double Action; The double action is quite manageable, doesn't require too serious exertion and breaks quite reliably. It is one of the nicer double action triggers we've seen so far and it doesn't jerk on the pistol too much when pulling the trigger. If the pistol was only double action, then as a security utility, it wouldn't be too bad to use.
The single action here is super reliable - featuring alot of slack that requires takeup, but once taken up, it breaks reliably. The takeup required here, is just a security measure, to prevent accidental discharge. The trigger reset here is manageable, requiring just a little slip, in order for the sinjgle action trigger to be ready for engagement again.

Slide catch release; 
Toggles super easy, requiring minimum effort to actuate. It toggles easy right out of the box. The top of it is ramped, featuring a set of three serrations for better traction. The lopside of this lever requires no serrations, as it pretty much actuates without much in the way of encouragement - a sufficiently firm push will allow you to manually catch the slide when there is no magazine in.

Open top breech design, extractor is top-seated; Allows for the easiest and most reliable sort of cartridge extraction and ejection - a failsafe that is a failsafe for another failsafe, is how we would describe it, basically giving the extracting cartridge all possible opportunities to eject whichever way it wants.. Though typically, expect a rightward ejection.
The bonus of having a top-seated extractor is that, when a cartridge is in battery, the frontal / claw side of the extractor lever will be raised up above the slide, indicating that the claw is latched around a cartridge rim.

Gripstocks; Wrap-around polymer type that almost makes the pistol feel like you are handling a weighted polymer frame handgun. It is only the upper part of the front of the handle that is metal and therefore, features a smooth handling interface. The pistol does feature otherwise some funky geomtric patterning on the sides. These said patterns feature fine stippling, whereas there is provision made for a firing finger groove and a thumb rest, as it were - again, just out of ergonomy consideration.
The rear of this grip stock likewise is periodically checkered, featuring somewhat coarse box textures.
The magazine floorplate is unusually thinnly gapped between itself and the floorplate. This sort of feature is usually a tell-tale sign that the mannufacturer made the tolerances tight-n-right - especially considering that the rest of the pistol also handles smooth and easily.

The muzzle end of the barrel is also broad, specifically featuring an opening of 8mm, which is just about indistinguishable from 9mm. It is nice and large, featuring a bit of a more realistic appearance. Due to the larger barrel clearing, this pistol is better suited for pepper cartridge firing, as more of the pepper gas will vent out the barrel end.

The Safety Lever; Alot of YouTube reviews indicate that this pistol, or rather the TD model, is capable of fully automatic fire. This might well be the case for overseas models / versions of this same pistol, though, whilst there is an indication around the safety lever to suggest the possibility of full auto, this pistol does not have that functionality.

Overall - this is a lovely little bobcat pistol, featuring high magazine capacity, semiauto naturally, reliable extraction and classic hammer fired. We recommend this as the best entry level blank gun - one that will last you a lifetime if taken care for.


Technical Specifications;

Replica of

Unclear at this time


9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)


Weight (grams) 730
Trigger Action
Single Action / Double Action

Firing method

Hammer Fired

Magazine capacity



Metal slide. metal frame w/ 3/4 polymer grip wrap-around


Frame-mounted lever, that actuates at its front. The position markings are to the rear, debossed from the polymer. The lever wells up centripetally, w/ three serrations in its wake. The crest is tapered, toggling readily from both sides.

Ease of Field Strip

 7/10  --  You need to reverse the slide, grab the blowback rod and pull it a little forward. Thereafter, you have to pull the slide catch release and withdraw it completely from the slide.

Lanyard loophole


Removable gripstocks

Not really, but sure - the single piece comes off by removing the two screws on each side - reverses off the frame. You should be able to replace it then w/ a set of original ones, synth or wood, or something you 3d printed

Magazine Release


Underbarrel Picatinny Rail

None - helps the vintage aesthetic along


ZORAKI MOD 914-TD BLANK GUN- S/CHROME V+ 10 BLANKS - NeonSales South Africa

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