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This is the ZORAKI MOD 2609 sub-compact pistol and truly, our highest quality sub-compact pistol to date, certainly rivaling the P114 for the KING of the SUBCOMPACT class.

Key features;

  • Ergonomical polymer frame, w/ finger grooves, ambidextrous thumb rest and large backstrap
  • Large magazine-release ramp - the magazine re-inserts likewise, with ease - just push the magazine straight up into the mag-well.
  • Fully functional safety w/ clear F and S indicators
  • Hammer fired - Can easily cock/decock the pistol, unlike w/ a striker / pseudo-striker fired pistol, where you are necessitated to rack the slide, to cock the gun
  • Properly receded barrel blocker, not visually apparent, similar to how RETAY do their pistols
  • Trigger breaks crisp and clearly
  • 6+1 Shot magazinne capacity - Magazine features a METAL magazine follower and is actually one of the rare few Turkish-made blank guns to offer this. The magazine spring likewise is not stiff by any measure - very woman-friendly
  • SAO (Single Action Only) Trigger


Off the bat, we have a really nice set of finger grooves on the front of the handle, corresponding respectively w/ your middle and ring finger (as illustrated). The backstrap on the pistol is really beefy, allowing you to fully and confidently pull the pistol into the lower region of your palm

The slide on this pistol is not difficult to rack / stiff either - it operates easily enough. There are a set of seven cocking serrations to the rear of the slide and are moderately grippy, though for the application and resistance on the slide, they are ample.

The trigger itself is a full scallop shape and allows strictly only for Single Action operation - that is to say, if you decock the pistol w/ a cartridge still in battery, you won't be able to fire off the shot simply by pulling the trigger, as on a classic BERETTA - you'll need to either cock the pistol again or rack the slide, ejecting the cartridge in battery, whereafter the next one (if applicable) will chamber, then you can fire that one instead. This type of handgun trigger can be a bit safer than a SA/DA trigger, since if you put the pistol on safe and the hammer happens to cock involuntarily for whatever reason, the pistol won't be able to discharge, as the safety does lock the sear.

The frame is completely polymer and does contribute to the otherwise reduced weight of the pistol. The nice thing to polymer of course, is that unlike metal, its colour will not come off w/ abbrasion / time, and whatever starts to look untidy after some time, can be neatened w/ a fine grit of sanding paper.

The hammer has a nice curved ridge that slopes upward. This ramp is cross-serrated, making it quite easy to cock the hammer w/ the same hand holding the pistol, once you've practiced the technique a little.

The trigger has a full scallop shape, hinging toward the bottom and does have a backstop, in the form of a sole, that stops against the base of the trigger guard. Also of note, quite interestingly, is that the spot where the trigger breaks, is more or less the same as the spot where the trigger resets. This usually, in our opinion, is indicative of attention to detail, when engineering a blank gun - it makes it easier, in terms of muscle memory, to know the trigger pull force neccesary to discharge the gun, and to discharge it consecutively. It really is a breeze to work with.

The safety otherwise, is a tad minute for the average adult male's hand, though if you can get used to getting your thumb around the slide catch, then flipping the little lever from its 3 o' clock position, to its 5:30 position, will be a breeze. This rotational lever has a very flat profile to the frame of the pistol and won't readily be toggled by friction / snagging. Likewise, when rotating it beyond its 6 o' clock position, will send the lever up a ramp moulded into the frame, whereafter, the safety lever in its entirety can be pulled from the frame completely. Thereafter, you'll be able to field strip the pistol / remove the slide off the rear of the slide rails, disassembling the slide and its moving parts, from the frame.

Otherwise, the only real downside to this pistol is that, it does not feature any underbarrel Picatinny rail, so you cannot really mount a flashlight / underbarrel laser onto this pistol. Though, for most users, this is not really necessary, as you can just brandish a flashlight in your off-hand when inspecting the perimeter of your property at night, etc.

Otherwise, this pistol is a perfect purse gun / belly-band gun (for joggers and cyclists) and is one of the most hassle-free sub-compact pistol on the market to our knowledge. It wields nicely in the hand, the slide racks readily, w/ a little bit of force required behind one's pull (mostly due to the fact that the finish on this slide is a bit slipperier)

Otherwise, you'll really enjoy the ZORAKI brand name quality to this product. We can confidently and justly state that it does rival EKOL in terms of attention-to-detail in the engineering room.

Here's a nice product walk-around and review video;

And here, just to illustrate the superiority of these ZORAKI guns / their ability to withstand punishment and still work just fine afterwards;


Technical Specifications;

Replica of

Unsure / unclear


9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)

72 / 2.8"

Weight; 478 grams
Trigger Action
Single Action 

Firing method

Hammer fired

Magazine capacity



Steel-reinforced zinc alloy mechanism (slide), Polymer frame.
Mechanism locked by hardened steel side button when clip is empty


Similar to the BLOW MINI 9, you have a flush-appearing lever that is diagonally serrated on top, which slopes down & outward to a broad tip. Toggles easily w/ one's thumb, after some practice, thus negating the need to bring one's off hand in to toggle the lever. Thinner fingers should be able to toggle the lever easier, as the slide catch tab can otherwise, obstruct one from confidently toggling the lever.

Ease of Field Strip

Similar to the BLOW MINI 9 - Rotate the safety lever from the 3 o' clock position, clockwise to the 9 o' clock position. The ramp moulded into the frame pries the lever slightly outward from the frame, making it easier to fully disengage the lever from the pistol, whereafter the pistol can be stripped down of its slide, etc

Lanyard loophole


Removable gripstocks


Magazine Release

Broad tab behind the magazine floorplate

Underbarrel Picatinny Rail



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