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YONGHENG YH-QB12 4500Psi 300Bar 12V PCP Air Compressor - Adjustable Auto shutoff. High Pressure Pump PCP Pump / Tyre inflator

This is a really nice compact compressor w/ the inverter integrated into the compressor enclosure, so there is no excessive clutter around your filling area - moreover, those open inverters w/ unshielded 12V terminals do pose a shocking hazard if touched / stepped upon..

Contrarily, this compressor accepts both the 12V (XT60 connector) and 240V 'kettle plug' (IEC C13 type) into the compressor itself. On this same face of the compressor, your removeable bleeder screw can be found as well as the 1/4" male foster fitting whereupon the included fillwhip couples onto. The fillwhip itself has a really beefy filter enclosure wherein the in-line filtration occurs / microbial matter gets caught in as it passes toward the air reservoir / bottle of the rifle. This ensures that clean compressed air is pushed into your rifle. Spare filters are included in the package, which is really nice. Should you run out of these, you're welcome to purchase them spare from us, please see our listing;

Otherwise, in terms of safety - there is a burst disc enclosure threaded on, on the exterior of the compressor. You should be able to remove it by means of a #10 metric spanner, wherein the copper burst disc can be found, and replaced, if need be. Spares are included in the packaging.
You'll also find a 30 Amp fuse socket on the outside w/ a blade (regular type) green fuse engaged. a Spare one is of course also included.
What makes these two safety features (for pressure and short circuit / over-current) so neat is that they are externally replaceable, making accidents with the compressor less punishing than what they need to be. The average / normal person like us can just quickly get the compressor up and running again by replacing either/or one of these safety backstops, check the entire hose / electrical circuit applicable and get back to filling the rifle up. No dangerous pressures building up in the hose leading to a costly rupture etc or circuitry getting toasted. Just keep your compressor unplugged during loadshedding if plugged into a wall outlet, to prevent a power surge. Fuses don't always burn-through fast enough to break the circuit.

Otherwise, as the listing indicates - this compressor does feature an automatic shut-off feature, for a set pressure, which is another safety feature, to prevent overfill on your rifle; the compressor motor will literally cut-off once the designated pressure has been reached. If that wasn't enough - There is an integrated beeper that produces a continuous series of loud beeps to indicate when the compressor has reached this designated pressure level and this can be silenced by pressing the START/STOP button ONLY WHEN the compressor has been bled of the air inside the hose. Thereafter, you can disconnect your rifle.

We really do like this compressor and its plethora of safety features and practical design. a digital thermometer can also be found on the top side of the compressor, along with your carry handle.
In terms of the power switch, there is a rocker type that switches only between 12V and 240V.. The power source that is not engaged, will be the "OFF" position on the switch.
The fan of course, comes on when the compressor is powered on via the aforementioned switch and does not have its own dedicated switch. This could help to automate part of the filling process, in case for whatever reason, you might forget to manually switch the fan on prior to initiating the filling process.
We also appreciate that the electricity related ports are kept on the one side of the console face, the pressure-related interfaces on the other side. This can help prevent moisture dripping from the foster fitting / moist air blasting from the bleed valve, from coming into contact w/ the electrical socket / plug points.

  • Brand Name: YONG HENG
  • Structure: Multistage Pump
  • Power: Electric
  • Pressure: High Pressure
  • Theory: Reciprocating Pump
  • Usage: Air Pump
  • Structure: Booster Pump
  • Usage: Air Pump
  • Model Number: YH-QB12
  • Application: Submersible
  • Theory: Reciprocating Pump
  • Power: 350W
  • Working voltage: 12v/110v/220v
  • Work Pressure: 300Bar/30Mpa/4500psi
  • Air Volume: 12L/min
  • Certification: CE
  • Cooling: Fan Cooling
  • Model: YH-QB12
  • Weight: 8KG
  • Power: 350W
  • Dimensions: 310*225*145mm
  • Working voltage: 12v/110v/220v
  • Working pressure: 300Bar/30Mpa/4500psi
  • Air volume: 12L/min
  • Working volume: 78DB
  • Cooling system:Fan cooling system
  • Automatic stop device: yes (adjustable pressure)
  • Maximum inflation volume: 1000cc
  • Operating temperature: -10 °C (-50 °F) / +70 °C (158 °F)
  • Gas-up speed: 0.5L gas cylinder, it takes 16-17 minutes from 0bar-300bar.
  • Certification: CE certification
Alimentation voltage
 12V with 110V/220V transformer
Maximum operating pressure
300 bar (4500 psi)
Service temperature
-10 °C (-50 °F) / +70 °C (158 °F)
Net weight
9.0 kgs
Size (L x l x h)
Flow (without filtration)
12 L/min
Cooling system
Filling time:
it takes about 16 minutes to fill a 0.5L tank from 0 bar to 300bar




1. air cooling;
2. no hydraulic oil need;
3. applicalbe for 12v, 110v and 220v.
YONG HENG 12/220V 300 BAR COMPRESSOR, AUTO-SHUTOFF - NeonSales South Africa

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