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Multitool pen manufactured from aluminum, black dyed w/ light duty anodizing.

The glass-breaker tip is hardened aluminum and should batter glass with little problem. It can also serve as a battering weapon for self-defense, against the skull, elbow joint, lips, teeth, kneecap, etc.

This, of course, is a pen first and foremost and as such, is capable of writing in black. It is a ballpoint pen. Included in this deal, you will also receive a spare ink cartridge insert. The cap concealing the pen tip is a screw tip w/ an O-ring for moisture/dust protection. The threading is somewhat fine.

Thereafter, to its fore, there is a single-edged blade that measures 25mm. This can be used to stab or for fine carving work. It can thread out and be replaced if need be. The blade doesn't come out particularly sharpened out of the box, but it can be sharpened as desired. The cap that closes up this knife has a faintly indented laser-cut pattern for improved traction.

This pen comes w/ a steel pocket clip attached, measuring 38mm.

The top end of this pen has an inbuilt LED flashlight, activated by depressing the fine bulbous button. Pressing it once will activate the light. Pressing it again will deactivate the light. This uses 2x LR936 watch/button cells, two of which are preinstalled, with 6x extra supplied. This battery compartment also sealed w/ an O-ring, as are all the other threaded cylindrical compartments.

�Useful for the EDC office employee / personal assistant or otherwise employees/managers who keep diaries / compose a lot of notes per day and would need a pen that is a concealed knife, is capable of breaking glass as a means of escape, and has an integrated mini LED that can stay on for negotiating through a warehouse, for example,� when caught during a load-shedding /blackout.


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