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This product has no branding on it of any kind. Also, the reticle has 4x mildots along each post from the center. The reticle illustrated, is just for colour reference - to show the different reticle illumination options available - in this case, R,G,B - three brightness levels of each. The Rheostat is located on top w/ a cap that can screw off by hand, as the rim of the lid has fine serrating. Fastening by means of a flat drive is possible as the slot for it is there in the lid, though not necessary to create a closed circuit. Moreover, there is no O-ring there, so ingress protection will be minimal. This module does use a CR2032 button cell, just btw.

This optic is Picatinny mounted w/ steel crossbars, two of them specifically and they can be finger tightened, thanks to the serrating along the nut's circumference. If you do need to crank this down into place, a deep straight groove is available, for using a small allen key for example, as a makeshift pry bar to tighten it up.

The rear sight attaches by means of a double locking collar to the occular lense, adjustable for windage and elevation. It can be tightened or loosened up as desired by means of an allen key. The front sight is an unshielded strip of optical fibre, red, which is not shielded, so you might need to use some adhesive to fix it in place, though be sure to properly research how to do this, before giving it a wing. This strip however, contrary to concern, will not spontaneously fall out as the terminals have been studded.

This optic has an objective of 32mmø and fixed at 4x optical zoom. There is no adjustable objective unfortunately.

There are Picatinny rails on either side of the objective end of this optic, allowing, as per illustration, to mount target acquisition assists / alternative sights.

The reticle of this optic can be zeroed of course, for whatever distance you are shooting and has aluminium protector caps, albeit slightly miniature, that should be removed first, before the reticle can be dialed in. This is not a tactical way of correcting the sights, so you'll likely have to zero the optic in for the middle of the further distances you'll be engaging (75m's, if you'll be shooting up to 100m's. This will cover you for 50 - 100 meters, whereas for point blank up to 40 meters, you can use the open sights on top, just be sure to zero that in separately as well.)

For zeroing this way, if your rifle has a flat shooting trajectory, you can use a collimator device such as a LASER BORE SIGHTER to assist you in this regard.

The frontal end of the optic's top side has a slight slant to provide some shading on your objective lens, also featuring female threading that you might be able to capitalize on to thread a 32mm honeycomb flash kill on, however, please not that the threading is receded, especially do to the top slant providing shade for the objective.

Otherwise, as a feature rich accessory for your MPX or MCX rifles, we don't see why this won't make for a good addition, if you intend on shooting some distances. Just note that your eye relief is very limited with this optic. Be sure to peruse the videos hereunder for a third party take on this product / OEM variants of it.


Please check these listings as well as a suppliment to this product;



 From the manufacturer's website;

  • "High-quality optics: 4x magnification, 32 mm lens, 36.6 ft field of view in 100 metres, 5.5 inch length. Multi-coated (FMC) green objective lens with UV filtering and anti-reflective coating, provides high light transmission and clear sharp images.
  • Reddot visor: Softair Red Dot Sight with red and green illuminated representation provides unlimited eye relief and corrected parallax. It helps you to target your goal well in the dark environment.
  • Accurate targets: you can determine a straight line through the Kimme and the two sides of the Fiberoptic. The height fine drive and side fine drive realise the intention adjustment and can accurately target the target.
  • Rifle scope air rifle for 20 to 22 mm weaver and picatinny rail, hexagon socket (Allen key) and mounting for mounting included. Two rail systems on two sides of the objective lens, you can screw in other accessories such as red dot visor or torch.
  • Made of high quality aluminium and nitrogen filled, the Airsoft Scope is durable, shockproof, fog resistant and waterproof."

Product review videos can be perused here;


PICATINNY SCOPE, 4X32 IR (RGB) W/ IRON SIGHTS - NeonSales South Africa

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