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1x30 laser dot scope, which displays a red or green dot, but does not project it. 
In other words, taking aim w/ this sight active, does not mean the laser dot will be projected onto what you're aiming at.

As the designation implies - this sight has no magnification settings and is fixed at 1x, w/ a 30mm objective, allowing for a modest sight picture, wherethrough you can peer both eyes open.

The module is adjustable for windage and elevation, via turrets on top (for elevation) and the left side, 90 degrees to the elevation one (for windage). The turrets themselves have caps which can be threaded off and when done w/ adjustments, can be threaded back on

This module has a 58mm one piece integrated mount rail, suited for Picatinny / Weaver, but w/ no crossbar, so it is not recommended for recoiling rifles. On mild recoiling applications, we recommend using a stopper behind this scope.

The rheostat is on top and the cap has a teethed rim for screwing it open w/ one's hand. Alternatively, at has a 14mm flat drive slot on top to tighten this cap up properly, however, that is not really necessary, as this emclosure does not have an O-ring / groove for such for ingress protection. Along the outer diameter, there are indicated 6 green adjustments and 6 red ones. These respectively allow for 5 levels od laser dot brightness and two static / off positions. There is a small wide dot which indicates which mode the scope it is dialed on. The knob circumference is partitioned by grooves, into a number of landings, a combination that makes for useful finger traction, given one grasps this knob firmly.

The tube length of this scope is 96mm, being 50mm wide at its widest point and 67mm high off of the rail's strata. 

This product is otherwise supplied w/ flexible lense caps (both the occular and objective), which are symmetric in diameter, thus the tube is straight and features no bell shaped curvatures. Nice thing to this is that, this will fit all Picatinny / Weaver rails w/out needing to worry about clearance.

When installing this scope, due to its symmetric design, check which side is which by switching the module on and see through which lense you can perceive the displayed dot properly. The way you hold the scope will then be the back - front mounting order. Observe thus and mount accordingly. Keep your lense caps on to shield against ingress as well as potential scratching.

 The chassis of this scope is entirely aluminium, anodized black.

Rated for Paintball, Airsoft and lightly recoiling air rifles.


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