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  • 5 X CO2 12G  CAPSULES
  • 1500 X 4.5MM STEEL BB'S


Key features;

  1. Realistic Blowback Action: When you fire the Umarex GLOCK 17 Gen3, you’ll experience a lifelike blowback action. The slide moves back and forth, mimicking the recoil of a real firearm. This feature adds authenticity to your shooting experience.

  2. Caliber and Ammunition: This air pistol fires .177 caliber steel BBs. These BBs are propelled by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge, which provides the necessary power for each shot. The CO2 cartridge is easily replaceable, allowing you to keep shooting without interruption.

  3. Velocity and Accuracy: The Umarex GLOCK 17 Gen3 achieves a maximum velocity of up to 365 feet per second (FPS). While it’s not as fast as a live firearm, it’s more than sufficient for plinking, target practice, and training drills. The fixed Glock-style sights help you aim accurately.

  4. Metal Construction: The slide of this air pistol is made of full metal, giving it a robust and durable feel. The weight distribution is similar to the real Glock 17, enhancing the overall realism. The drop-out metal magazine adds to the authenticity.

  5. Officially Licensed: Umarex has obtained an official license from Glock, so you’ll find genuine Glock markings on this air pistol. If you’re a Glock enthusiast, this attention to detail will surely impress you.

  6. Holster Compatibility: Whether you’re practicing holster draws or simply want to carry your air pistol securely, the Umarex GLOCK 17 Gen3 fits most aftermarket duty holsters. This feature makes it suitable for training scenarios and drills.


The trigger pull on the Umarex GLOCK 17 Gen3 Blowback air pistol is designed to closely resemble that of the actual Glock 17 handgun. When you press the trigger, you’ll feel a smooth and consistent resistance as the internal mechanisms engage. Here are some key points about the trigger pull:

  1. Weight: The trigger pull weight is moderate, providing a balance between ease of use and precision. It’s not overly heavy, allowing for accurate shooting.

  2. Single Action: The Umarex GLOCK 17 Gen3 operates in single action, meaning that pulling the trigger both cocks the hammer (or striker) and releases it. This design contributes to a lighter trigger pull compared to double-action-only pistols.

  3. Short Reset: After firing a shot, the trigger resets quickly, allowing for rapid follow-up shots. This feature is essential for target practice and training scenarios.

  4. Blowback Effect: As you pull the trigger, the blowback action kicks in, moving the slide backward and then forward. This movement adds to the realism and tactile feedback during shooting.

In summary, the Umarex GLOCK 17 Gen3 Blowback air pistol combines realism, performance, and craftsmanship. It’s an excellent choice for Glock fans, airgun enthusiasts, and anyone looking for an authentic shooting experience without the noise and recoil of live ammunition. Enjoy your time at the range! 🔫🎯


• The frame is entirely moulded polymer, featuring stippled grip panels w/ ambidextrous thumb rest grooves. The handle is full sized, likewise the barrel is half an inch longer as mentioned, than the GLOCK 19. There is more GLOCK licensing is at bottom of the magazine floorplate. Furthermore, there is squared tile patterning in typical Gen 3 fashion down the the sloping backstrap contour and moreover, has three finger grooves w/ same grip patterns through indents. 

• Fixed sights w/ square notch at the rear and white dot on your post. Painted crisp.

• The barrel has a mock 9mm w/ grooves and landings appearance, however, the actual 4.5mm calibre barrel is recessed. The metal slide as you might have guessed, does rack, although only in a short stroke of movement, which is a far cry from a fire arm and/or blowback, though the intention of the design here was to allow for greater muzzle velocity compared to a full (mechanical) blowback. 

• The muzzle velocity of this pistol averages in at 375 FPS.

• GLOCK's propriety "SAFE ACTION®" double blade trigger safety is applicable on the trigger here. We're pretty much sure also that this gun won't discharge if dropped and we can rule out the striker firing action. Unlike the GLOCK 19 NBB w/ its heftier trigger pull, this GLOCK 17 w/ its blowback feature does recock the gun after each shot fired, so your trigger pull is pleasantly light, w/ a bit of slack that needs to be taken up, followed by a sudden bit of resistance on the trigger, just prior to breaking. 

• Powerplant: 12g CO2 cartridge that fits horizontally into vertical slot inside magazine. Bottom cap comprising mock magazine bottom slides off w/ some amount of pressure needed. Reveals hex screw inside, toggle w/ supplied 2-in-1 tool.

• The magazine is a full-bodied shape magazine, all metal design. The magazine follower hitches in at the bottom of the ammunition well, whereafter the shot can be loaded, one at the time, into the topmost of the magazine, wherefrom the shot is fed through as well. The topmost 1/5 of the magazine head is galvinized iron - a substance which UMAREX is really famous for in their CO₂ applications. 

Please have a look here;

 Technical Specifications;


4.5mm / .177 metal shot


Fully licensed 1:1 replica by GLOCK








705 grams

Magazine Capacity:

18 shot


2.71 J (2 ft.lbs)


Smoothbore, NNB actuating

Firing mode:



Yes, authentic square notch and white dot. Crisp finish on the paint

Underbarrel mounting option

Single slot Picatinny rail


 Double blade ‘SAFE ACTION®’ , also the underbarrel trigger locking switch.


1x 12g CO2 capsule

Useful Shots per 12g CO2 capsule:

About 90 before the slide catch will no longer be able to catch the slide due to the lack of power on the blowback. Therefore, let's look at 70 useful shots.

UMAREX 5.8361 GLOCK 17 GEN 3 (BB) CO2 PISTOL COMBO - NeonSales

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