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    From the onset of taking this revolver out of the box, we've noticed a number of upgrades over the HDR50 (smaller brother) platform - For one, the sights are more GLOCK-esque now - a flat white square bracket composes the rear sight, whereas the front sight is a single white upright / blade - Just be sure to line the blade up IN THE MIDDLE of the bracket, at the same height, for an accurate sight picture.

    The magazine is not dissimilar from the previous - a rotary five shot .68 cal drum that takes up the totality of your palm in size. Akin to its predecessor, you have a metal ratchet core, by which the revolver indexes the magazine and moulded-in stopped cuts, by which the revolver catches the magazine and prevents over-rotation, to ensure proper alignment. The rounds in this magazine can be inserted only via the rear and has stoppers on the front of the drum slot, to prevent one from loading up that side, likewise, to prevent any rearward exit of the rounds.

    There is a bit more length to the magazine this time, to accomodate for any odd / funky round you are looking at using. The magazine alike, rotates upon an axial pin that hitches in at a forwardly / retracted position DOWNWARD, instead of UPWARD like on the HDR50. The spring tension on this magazine retainer pin, certainly is looser and easier to toggle.

    The handle is one of the most pronounced upgrades in our opinion - featuring a triple set of finger grooves for your middle, ring and small fingers, respectively, to latch around.

    These grooves are likewise vertically serrated in layers resembling topographical contour lines - they are rather lovely to grasp and follow through likewise on the backstrap of the handle. Interestingly enough, we likewise have an outward ball-like contour on the handle, reminiscent of certain sword handles, that gives the palm more meat to expand around - and grip onto, increasing the grip surface.

    The sides feature coarse periodical box checkering that we really enjoy. Feels very positive in one's grasp. That, w/ the ambidextrous finger rests, creates an "instant tack" feel when you put your hand around the handle, giving one a very confident hold on the gun.

    The trigger here looks more firearm-standard as opposed to the goofy thick trigger on the HDP50, and the rather elegant jutting shape of the HDR50 - has a refined double blade trigger, that has the same crisp feel as the HDR50 trigger blade, followed of course, by your double action trigger break. The trigger blade is also broader than on the HDR50, which certainly allows for a more positive trigger pull.

    In terms of mounting accessories, the HDR68 is probably one of the more expansive platforms in the CO2 handgun class - featuring a 13 slot Picatinny rail on top, biased toward the muzzle and an underbarrel 5 slot Picatinny rail.

    Otherwise, the remainder of the revolver is very fancifully blow-moulded to resemble an firearm revolver as closely as possible, lending again, for a very pleasant and tactical aesthetic to the revolver.

    Otherwise, the revolver loads up similarly to the HDR50 in terms of magazine, gas and pressurization of the marker (like most of the T4E handgun range does) - The cap at the bottom threads off by means of the included allen wrench or later, if you have mechanic's hands - you can do it by hand.

    The 12g CO2 capsule inserts upside down and likewise, remains on standby / unused / unpierced condition, until you whack the bottom cap w/ the orange loop "PUSH" vinyl on. At the back of the revolver, where the hammer would traditionally sit, you'd have a pin protruding out due to the gas pressure, indicating that the gun is 'hot' and ready for use. Please practice muzzle discipline henceforth at all times, as pulling the trigger, with or without rounds loaded, will discharge the gun and even if done accidentally, can unsettle those around you. Please also try to avoid looking down the barrel and likewise, only pull the trigger at what you fully intend on directing force at.

    Otherwise, a very masculine weapon, that we will be looking at sourcing a holster for in the coming time, so do stay tuned for that, haha.

    Technical Specifications;








    770 grams

    Material composition

    Two piece polymer clamshell fixed w/ PH1 screws. The rear sight assembly is fixed w/ a set of Torx (T10) screws. Internals are all-metal of course, exceptionally high build quality, as per T4E standard,


    DAO, fitted w/ double blade trigger safety, imitating the GLOCK® “SAFE ACTION”® trigger


    Very GLOCK® - esque, bright white colour, for easier target acquisition,

    Magazine capacity



    .68 cal / 17,3mm


    1x 12g unthreaded CO2 capsule

    Muzzle energy:

    Up to 24 J at this point, averaging in well above the manufacturer’s claim of 16 Joules, on an ordinary cool coastal autumn day.

    Recommended for

    Shooting things apart w/ slugs, ruining a would-be intruder’s day.

    UMAREX 2.4718 HDR68 T4E DEFENCE REVOLVER 16J - NeonSales South Africa

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