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All-aluminium foregrip, Picatinny rail mounted, "TITANIUM" branded. The handle is thoroughly diamond knurled, vertical in orientation and has a cylindrical shape. The handle diameter is ø35mm while its vertical length is 100mm.

The power switch at the rear is a rubber, bump shape, which can easily be depressed to toggle the power. The button shape is checkered, measuring ø12.5mm, protruding out to an appex of 4.2mm. 
This module is powered by 2x CR123 batteries in series, which are inserted into the handle via the screw that comes off / unthreads at the base. On the cap, there is an O-ring for ingress protection for the battery compartment. The flashlight face can thread off as well and has knurling around its conical face, whilst the flashlight's bezel is crenelled, though we do not recommend this for physically striking, although it has a recoil spring inside to protect the LED and circuitry.
Once threaded off, you can dismantle the flashlight itself and replace parts individually as required and perform maintenance, though, since this compartment has no O-ring for ingress protection, we would recommend adding a seal - atleast to waterproof the LED.

The main housing of this foregrip measures in 50 (L) x 34 (W) x 33 (H) and has a really solid feel to it. It attaches to the Picatinny rail by means of a steel crossbolt, featuring a spring-loaded left jaw that opens out and closes in as the thumb screw rotates. The thumb screw has a hole through each of its two flanges, allowing one to tool-tight this foregrip if so desired.
Unlike some other premium foregrip options on the market, this one does not have a rubberized handle, so the grip traction, esp. on sweeaty palms, won't be the best, so we do recommend using gloves in conjunction with this foregrip.

While the design is quite elementary, we are nevertheless pleased with its beefy 368g / 0.3 kg feel, although the anodizing on this unit is quite standard. Just bear in mind before putting this foregrip through heavier duty use.


  • ON / REGULAR MODE - This produces an effective 20 meter, 350 lumen light. If you toggle the power switch within one second of switching this module off, then the STROBE MODE activates
  • STROBE MODE - This produces a constantly flashing beaqm of light at maximum output, intended to produce dizzying / disorientation affects upon whoever looks at the light. This mode is perfect for self defence, as it will hamper the visual perception of an attacker coming headlong at you. Please be aware that flashing lights like these CAN CAUSE EPILEPTIC SEIZURES! 
    Otherwise, for raiding and in particular breeching a room, you'll find that throwing out a strobe light can help you get the drop on the defenders.

For interest's sake - you'll find that the batteres are cheapie rechargeable (Li-Ion) ones, so we would recommend looking out for a proper rechargeable ones that will give you consistent discharging.

You might be surprised to know that cheap Chinese equipment can last years if the necessary precautions are taken and if routine maintenance is conducted.


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