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(HDR 50 in this deal is not incuded, sold separately. You can find the HDR 50 listing at the bottom)

Titanium branded underbarrel flashlight, model designation "TF12". 

This module is manufactured from aluminium and is black anodized.

It weighs in 92 grams, measuring in 74 (L) x 25 (W) x 30 (H, not measuring the Picatinny clamp) mm, w/ a face ø of 18.5 mm, using 1x CREE LED, the colour of the white light produced is illustrated / cold white.

It features a counter-recoil steel cross-bolt that fits through one of the slots on a Picatinny rail and the flat-drive nut is also steel, having a 3mm cross-section and 13mm in length, so your options for affixing this flashlight onto the Picatinny rail, meaning that niche / speciality tools won't be necessary. We think this is ideal for the HDR50, as you can even use a car key to loosen it and quickly swop it out for your pepper jet launcher. If need be, you can quickly transition to a tactical flashlight in your offhand should you be pressed to do so

This flashlight is quite bright for this price and comes w/ 1x heat-shrunk wrapped 3V CR123 battery. 

The battery compartment is accessed by threading out the knurled flashlight head, wherein you'll find the sealed battery.


  • ON / REGULAR MODE - This produces an effective 20 meter, 350 lumen light. If you toggle the power switch within one second of switching this module off, then the STROBE MODE activates
  • STROBE MODE - This produces a constantly flashing beaqm of light at maximum output, intended to produce dizzying / disorientation affects upon whoever looks at the light. This mode is perfect for self defence, as it will hamper the visual perception of an attacker coming headlong at you. Please be aware that flashing lights like these CAN CAUSE EPILEPTIC SEIZURES! 
    Otherwise, for raiding and in particular breeching a room, you'll find that throwing out a strobe light can help you get the drop on the defenders.

For interest's sake - you'll find that the battery is a cheapie rechargeable (Li-Ion) one, so we would recommend looking out for a proper rechargeable one that will give you consistent discharging.

You might be surprised to know that cheap Chinese equipment can last years if the necessary precautions are taken and if routine maintenance is conducted.

On a final note, if you decide to attach something like this to a pistol, you'll need to have a holster either custom manufactured for your gun / blow moulded or you'll need to find a holster that will fit your pistol in conjunction w/ a certain flashlight. We can at this time, accomodate you with a custom softshell IWB or OWB option. Feel free to reach out to us in this regard.

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