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Coyote tan coloured plate carrier, w/ MOLLE webbing both front and rear. Ideal for the more arid regions where the landscape is more faded brown. MOLLE vertical spacing: 18mm.

Has a double layer in front - The first layer is the magazine pouch carrier which sticks by means of velcro pads onto the vest. These are suited for 5.56x55mm AR-15 type magazines and has knotted bungee chord to retain the magazines without there being velcro flaps in the way, which allows for faster withdrawal (by just pulling the bungee chord straps off of the retained magazines). These are lined out in the inside w/ raincote and has interior dividers. This triple kangaroo pouch has three MOLLE webbing straps in front.

This frontal layer clams onto the vest proper. Inbetween these two layers, the side MOLLE strap (which binds the rear and frontal plate carrying sheets per the side) staps clams inbetween these layers.

The primary frontal layer is padded with half inch high density foam and the lower can be seperated by tearing the velcro open, which exposes the foam. This can then be inserted IN FRONT OF the foam.

The plate carriers are bezeled at the top corners, specifically to accomodate our TacAssist 300x250mm plates. The purpose for this bezeling on the design of both, is to promote limb�manoeuvrability.

On the sides, there is an extra webbing strap running along the lower beneath the three MOLLE webbing straps that runs to the rear.

On the rear, there are five MOLLE webbing layers.

The MOLLE straps running around to the rear are tied onto the rear MOLLe by means of supplied colour coded strings. This allows for bodily width� adjustment at 30mm increments.

The rear panel is also foam lined, breaks at the bottom and via such, another plate can be inserted. The bottom ends have webbing tongues to assist in breaking the velcro.

The interior of the mesh (between the torso and the foam lining) is breathable mesh down the left and right side of the panels, but not down the middles.

The shoulder straps are devoid of padding, but have extra reinforcing tubes. The straps have a sizeable vent hole at the rear as well as the front, whilst the straps are attached to the bezeled ends of the panels


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