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In this combo you will receive the following :

1 X Sur Arms 2004 Sub-Compact Blank Gun
10 X V-Sport Blank Rounds (Max Pressure Legal Cartridge)
1 X American Style Teargas Spray - 110ml 

One of the cheapest, but quite nice subcompact blank guns w/ a surprising slew of bells and whistles;

Key Features;

  • Hammer Fired
  • Single Action Only
  • Safety (trigger block) and Field Strip integrated into one rotary lever
  • Front and Rear cocking serrations
  • Pepper cartridge friendly
  • Single stack magazine 
  • 5+1 shot magazine

Minute little polymer frame blank gun, likely the lightest subcompact pistol you'll find locally on the market; It features a slimline single-stack handle, but has a bit of length to it to offset the lacking width, for those who have larger hands. Both the front and rear of the handle are horizontally grated for improved handling traction, w/ a long curved shin on the magazine floorplate, that acts as a cup for your ring finger, improving handling ergonomy.
The side panels on the handle have a set of 15x raised dots that helps handling traction along, simultaneously adding a touch of aesthetic to the pistol.

The slide is miniature, featuring upright broad cocking grooves in the slide, specifically 8x of them. These are specifically spaced about 2mm apart. The front of the slide features 6x cocking grooves as well, making it easy to racking the pistol by the frontal end of the slide as well.

This pistol is one of the few compact blank pistols that does feature a slide catch (release) tab that acts to catch the slide when it is racked / blown back w/ an empty magazine engaged. The tab permits for external release of the slide, instead of you needing to rely on the magazine release tab in behind the magazine floorplate alone to accomplish this.

The barrel end is open / clear and does lend for a nice realistic appearance. It is also flare tip adapter threaded.

The pistol frame does not feature an underbarrel Picatinny rail

As for the magazine - there is a cross-serrated convex tab behind the magazine floorplate that toggles really easy - the lightest press on it, will release the magazine. The magazine itself, when reinserted into the pistol, does not need to be pushed back against the rear of the magwell but instead, can be inserted up straight into the magwell - it is by far the easiest of its sort to toggle on this type of magazine release, among all blank guns we've had the opportunity of handling.

The safety level on this pistol is the same as that on the BLOW MINI 9 - a rotary dial w/ a clear embossed F and S on the frame. In the 3 'o clock position, the pistol is in the FIRE mode, in the 4 'o clock mode, it is in SAFE mode, and in 7 'o clock position, you can then hitch the slide off the rear. This dial features the indexing nub, which is a tower of concentric circles. The said does make it easy to toggle the lever.

This is otherwise, a really lovely option for women as well, who wants a small a gun, but not overtly concerned w/ build quality and would look nicely after the pistol as well.

Technical Specifications;

Replica of

Many refer to this affectionatelty as the "BABY BROWNING", though be realistic, this is not the case at all.


9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm) 



Weight: 470 grams
Trigger Action
Single Action, Semiauto.

Firing method

Hammer fired

Magazine capacity



Metal slide w/ polymer frame. Breech assembly retained to the frame by way of roller pins.


Yes, rotating lever within thumb reach, just behind and above the trigger. Doubles up as the field strip lever, all of which can be toggled to w/ one's thumb without releasing one's grip on the gun.

Ease of Field Strip

8/10 - Very easy, one simply rotates the safety lever as forward as one can, along an arc of rotation. Thereafter, the slide can be pulled back and hitched off at the rear slide rails, before being brought forward, to disassemble the upper of the gun.

Lanyard loophole


Removable gripstocks

No, the frame and handle of the pistol in its entirety is polymer. You can slightly modify the frame if you wanted to w/ a file and/or rotary power tool, but note that this will void your warranty

Magazine Release

Convex serrated tab behind the magazine floorplate

Underbarrel Picatinny Rail

No, but would have been nice.

Please have a look at some of the video material available for this product;

Likewise, though in Russian;


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