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The ubiquitous "Choke Torch", in local parlance - a favourite among security guards on night shift for its 200 lumen LED output and its ability to discharge a DC current, whose crackling sound tends to put would be wrong-doers off.

This flashlight has a tubular shape of roughly 30mm and a length of nearly 170mm

It has a 12-sided anti-roll collar, when placing the flashlight on a table or similar horizontal surface.

The flashlight face is 27.68mm, which produces a forwardly focused LED light w/ a vague blue-ish hue, but shines effective up to 15 meters. Thereafter, the illumination intensity / Candellas wane.

This flashlight is rechargeable w/ its own 165mm cable w/ double pronged plug. To this end, there is a small, bulbous red LED at the tail, to indicate when the choke torch is being recharged.

There is a small square tab at the tail as well (illustrated), which, when switched to "ON" mode, will render the discharging current output possible. The nice feature to this choke torch, is that its two conduit points are pronounced, assuming most of the area on the striking bezel, to allow for easier arcing.

Of all the stun guns we stock, the decibels produced by this one's arcing, is the most pronounced.

The main gripping area on the flashlight shaft, is faintly knurled / laser etched, to effect some grip to one's palm.

The activation button is well protruded w/ some play, allowing for easier depressing, minimizing the need to "find" the button in an emergency situation.

On the flip side, there is a slider tab w/ faint perpendicular serrations to allow for improved traction - when slid all the way to the front, the flashlight will activate. Right at the back / default mode, the current discharge mode will be active, assuming the tail switch is in the "ON" position.

This module is a one piece, with no apparent way to open it up - no screws, nor is there a battery compartment that can be accessed - the battery is completely built-in.�

�Also included in this deal, you will receive a thin / peel OWB holster w/ a very modest-looking belt loop. We recommend opting for a more robust sheath / pouch for this flashlight.

FLASHLIGHT / TASER (RECHARGEABLE) - TYPE 1101 - NeonSales South Africa

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