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 Included in this deal, you will receive;

  • 1x SPYDER VICTOR .68 CAL marker
  • 200x 54gr Nylon solid shot / balls
  • 1x 200 shot gravity-feed hopper
  • 1x BALLISTIC 9oz tank (filled) w/ pinhead valve
  • 1x Barrel-mounted laser pointer


Please have a look right at the bottom of this listing for ad-ons if interested. This marker is compatible w/ paintballs, nylon shot, pepper shot, rubber shot (we stock the 63gr type) etc. The included barrel-mounted laser module uses 3x LR44 3V coin cells, likewise, features grub screw insets to allow for windage and elevation correction - it produces a laser dot, not a laser beam.

This is basically a full starter pack - if something like the HDP50 or HDR50 might be too little duty for your problem, this would be the next step up in terms of power, although do not that you'll be sacrificing some portability. This marker is also a step up in calibre size - .68 cal, not .50 like the HDR / HDP.

Moreover, you'll enjoy a magazine capacity of 200 rounds, which will really come in handy for rapid response scenarios / counter-riot / farm watch and even home defence. It is just the right size (shorter than typical 13" barrel carbine length), meaning you can manoeuver in and out of a passenger seat with one of these in a flash.

In terms of a sling, which we strongly encourage using, look at something like a one point sling;


This sling is robust and features a beefy steel caribiner clip that can affix onto the rear, behind the cocking bolt, onto one of the slots - just remember to affix something protective to prevent the sling from grinding up the aluminium over time.

The external gas line is a concern for alot of people, which we understand, however, the hose is flexible, meaning if you do machining and tinkering yourself, you can affix the ASA somewhere else, maybe even w/ the help of a bracket!

If you are wondering what sort of muzzle energy you can expect on this marker - 420 w/ 54gr nylon solids w/ a 20oz paintball tank - This equates to about 21 FPE / 28.47 J, which is not bad at all. There are some break barrel rifles that puts this same muzzle velocity out, but shoots considerably smaller rounds, but are much deadlier - these do considerably more penetrative damage, whereas .68 cal nylon rounds do more concussive damage - they won't penetrate the way lead or steel would, even if you had 100 grain nylon rounds @ 350 FPS, making harder-shooting markers the ideal go-to for less-lethal applications


Nice minute paintball marker w/ very high upgradability in terms of power, this pocket ninja rocket will be sure to make illegal entrants and the like sweat!

Sporting a lovely orange suave w/ gloss barrel, this sporter-themed SPYDER VICTOR is a piece w/ the looks to go with it.


Really nice anti-riot paintball marker w/ alot of muzzle velocity upgrade potential - which we can assist you with ourselves.

It is compact w/ a short barrel, allowing for constricted space manoeuvering. The grip is nicely rubberized and does fit the hand quite snug, but lacks finger grooves for the most optimal grip, that w/ checkering.

w/ the spring as well as the heavier duty plunger upgrade that we do, this gun will fire at 400 FPS w/ a massive bark. We recommend using HPA, particularly a 48ci tank (for maximum shot capacity) as this will ensure shot consistency. CO2 may cause your rounds to fly all over the show. HPA goes a long way to assist in accuracy, satisfactorily so.

The maximum range we can look at here, is about 15 meters, unless with some holdover, you're skilled at curved volleys of anti-riot shot, then you could opt for 30 meters.

W/ a heavy tank like a 48ci, you could actually attach a one point sling to the rear of the marker, to the extremity of the cocking bolt, where the two holes are. We recommend looping through a heavy duty cable tie, then hooking a single point sling around this, to minimize metal-on-metal contact.

With the marker carried like this, hands-free, it should dangle more or less level, nifty if you neeed to quickly grab a nibble while on duty - just keep the marker faced away from pedestrians and others you don't intend on shooting.

We also have a barrel shroud 3D printed option that will be available soon - it provides three Picatinny rails (both sides, one on the lower) for mounting a foiregrip (we have cheapie ones for sale) and a flashlight, also a laser. This is highly recommended for night time patroling in terms of target acquisition, also for clearing a room, etc. Flashlight can be an invaluable tool, even mounted on a marker in anti-riot setup, especially when performing a raid in concert w/ othes or guarding a road intersection from looters, for example.

What does make this underdog of a marker stand out, is the ease of field stripping it - most of which occurs completely tool free! Maintenance can be done by simply by utilizing some SINGER MULTI-PURPOSE OIL and the O-rings (all of them) can be swopped out w/ the same O-rings used of the pinhead valves / taphead valves of the CO2 and HPA tanks, which makes troubleshooting such as barrel leakage, a breeze.

Removing the main valve is the only bugger, but utilizing the allen keys you are supplied w/ the marker, you can just remove the polymer frame of the market\r, remove the grub screw that retains the valve (it threads right out) nd then prod the valve out. You can use the gas line to do this, as this is sufficiently rigid for that purpose, but just work gently - no need for using a hammer or any impact tool.

Be sure to keep all the O-rings lubricated. To lubricate the valve O-rings, you can just chuck some of the aforementioned oil into the ASA and dry fire the pressurized marker a few times, to help the lubricant through the valve w/out needing to strip the gun down. Feel free to drip a few drops down the hopper elbow to keep the ball detant supply - just use a flashlight in there, as the detant is black, on a dark backdrop in there.

As for the exterior - just wipe it down w/ water and some SUNLIGHT as required. 

From the manufacturer's website;

"A classic paintball gun that has been in production for 25+ years. The Victor is a tried and tested platform that offers an affordable price tag with great and reliable performance for any beginner to intermediate paintball player.

The Spyder Classic Series paintball markers feature the latest technology and materials available, including the innovative Eko Valve which offers the most extreme air efficiency available in the paintball market. The green concept Eko Valve delivers an impressive 1,600 shots average per 20oz. CO2 tank; compare that to 800 shots from a standard marker without this technology , meaning you can shoot more when you need to. The marker is ideal for a beginner , providing a balance of performance and simplicity." 


  • Air Efficient Eko™ Valve System (Patent #8,286,622) shoots up to 1,600 shots from a 20oz CO2 Tank
  • All Aluminum Extruded Body
  • Ergonomically Designed High Impact Polymer Trigger Frame
  • Reduced Overall Profile (15% Lighter and 10% Shorter)
  • Pull Pin Top Cocking Delrin Bolt
  • Anodized Matte Finish
  • Standard CA Thread Vertical Adapter
  • Tool-Free Striker Plug Design
  • 10” Micro Ported Barrel
  • No-Slip Rubber Grip Panel
  • Two Finger Trigger
  • External Velocity Adjuster
  • Steel Braided Hose Line
  • Inline Bottom-line ASA
  • Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air


  •    Color: Silver Grey
  •    Caliber: .68
  •    Barrel Length: 25.4 cm
  •    Warranty: 1 year

a Good 360º rotating view of this marker can be seen here. Note the colour here is different to the actual product we stock;

Product instructional video can be perused here;

Here's a good shooting video of this marker, also giving a visual indication of how the entire setup looks like w/ a 48ci HPA tank;

Items for consideration, that you can find in our listing:

  • ANTI RIOT BALLS .68 CAL .54GR - 100'S

For the foregrip upgrade, per our recommendation;


This premium foregrip is also quite nifty;


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