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Pellet magazine for the ARTEMIS models CR600W, PR900W, CP1, CP2, PP800.

Manufactured from aluminium, black dyed w/ torsion spring insert. The frontal transparent vinyl cover shows the pellet count whilst also serving as the wind-up dial that, when rotated completely against the tension of the spring, allows for the first pellet to be inserted (which must be inserted skirt first, head up). This locks the rotating core in place, allowing one to drop-in the consecutive pellets, filling up the entire magazine.

This magazines inserts from the left in rightward w/ the magnet downward. Please don't try to insert this magazine whilst the single pellet loader is in the rifle.

Please note especially that, once the bolt of the gun has pushed the pellet out of the magazine and towards the breech, the magazine will self-index the next pellet into the bolt position. After firing the chambered pellet, the bolt must be fully retracted from the magazine, the next pellet will be indexed fully and then, the bolt in this same stroke of movement HAS TO BE FULLY COCKED AND THE SEAR ENGAGED, otherwise the gun will double load pellets into the chamber.

When pellets have been double chambered, to remove the magazine, you'll need to use a solid rod w/ a soft(ened) point to tap the magazine gently out from whence it was inserted. This will render the pellets in question unusable and it might be necessary to use a ram rod to carefully prod out any pellets stuck in the chamber via the muzzle.

Please note the neodymium magnet insert at the bottom, after wear and tear, whilst it will never lose its strength, may eventually start corroding.

Feel free to insert a drop of non-petrolium based lubrication oil into the rear of the magazine, into the spring retainer hole, to prevent the spring from eventually corroding.

SPA PR900 4.5MM MAGAZINE - NeonSales

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