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Product Description

Hefty recoiling break barrel rifle, fully synthetic stock only, solid. The rifle has quite a bit of weight to it as well and despite appearances, its sound moderator is actually a functional piece - not the best, but it has baffle inserts. The hull itself of the sound moderator has a hollow feel to it, lightweight as well, which has the benefit of not adding too much muzzle-end weight. The actual muzzle end is threaded and the sound moderator partially sleeves over the barrel, before threading on.

The rifle completely lacks open sights, unlike its smaller brother, the SR1000S, which comes w/ fibre optic insert sights, but with an integrated sound moderator.

This rifle's cheek piece is adjustable via the horizontal, slotted dial in the rear stock, which allows for precise setting of the cheekweld and unlike some other cheaper rifles, the thread pitch on these risers are narrow whilst the dial needs some conscious effort to rotate. This is preferable, as a loose cheekpiece will easily lose its height adjustment after some time.

It features an unusual�Ansch�tz type stock, w/ a more vertical handle, as opposed to the tradition Monte Carlo cantilevered one. This has the benefit that, unlike a cantilevered grip that would normally obligate the shooter to sway the elbow out, this stock lessens the reliance on that shooting posture.

The stock otherwise has an entirely stippled / slightly rubber feel to it and knocking on its frame doesn't produce the hollow / walled response one expects.

The breaking action on this rifle is stiff, especially out of the box. Whilst providing our shooters with alot of the same grouping-performance that other, higher priced break barrel rifles on the market can offer, this rifle however, doesn't come with most any of their premium / characteristic features. This rifle is a plain and straight forward rifle.�

The rearmost of the rifle has a crescent buttplate, entirely rubberized w/ oblong texturized patterns for better shoulder traction. Having peak ends on both on the top-most and bottom side, means the butt pad will be less inclined to slipage.

The trigger and trigger guard is entirely polymer, with the trigger itself sporting a broader dimension w/ periodical square box texturing along its frontal curvature, measuring a sizable 30mm in height, end-to-end.

Near the fore end of the stock, in symmetry, mirrored along the length of this rifle, we have a set of British style Picatinny rails featuring 6 slots each. These are polymer and fastened w/ a pair of two countersunk, phillips head screws and is not loose in any way. These were presumably installed at the factory to house the included loose set of height-adjustable bipod legs included in this deal. The legs do not share a middle / origin point, allowing for better counter-axis stability (the rifle won't be able to tilt left and right as easily).

Nice feature to this rifle is that it has a bag rider notch at the rear, where the rear bag would be placed in under.

The barrel itself is 483mm in length.

The supplied sound moderator is 216mm in length, �35mm w/ a bore � of 8mm or .315. The shroud section of this sound moderator accounts for 115mm of its total length

�Near the back of the rifle action, we have 182mm length dove tails milled out, reminescent of the first types of weaver rails made by gunsmiths in the 1800's - the cross-slot cut-out typically intended on countering scope mount ring slippage, however, these are not picatinny compatible in the least. The rear of the rail has two holes. A threaded M3 hole at the rear and an M5 hole, axially centered, in front of the previous one, spaced 7.5mm apart. These are for housing the grub screw found in certain rear scope mount rings' bases that can then be threaded into this blind hole and act as a recoil stopper.

Please note however, that, sinced this is a heavy recoiling break barrel rifle, that you'll need an appropriate scope that can withstand the specific characteristics of this recoiling force - a rifle scope that can otherwise handle the recoil from a .308 rifle, for example, would not be able to handle the recoil type of a hefty recoiling air rifle. This has little to do with the amount of backward recoil push, but rather, the characteristics of the recoil that set them apart.

We usually, for its price, would recommend the NIKKO STERLING AIR KING / GOLD CROWN series of scopes for this rifle w/ the single piece scope


  • Color: CAMO
  • CALIBER : 5.5MM (0.22)


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