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SPA Artemis GR1600W is a break barrel air rifle in caliber .22 (5,5 mm). This model is powered by gas piston, which will give you more manageable recoil and much less noise than the standard spring piston. This means you can shoot more smoothly and comfortably.

Ergonomically shaped wooden stock has Monte Carlo cheekpiece and rubber butt pad for recoil absorption. Checkering on the grip and the foregrip ensures that the gun will fit nicely into your hands. 
Rifled barrel has a length of 425 mm and the muzzle is outfitted with a removable sound moderator, which in combination with the gas piston makes this rifle somewhat quiet. Rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. This model has a 11 mm Dovetail rail but you can also use the included additional 22 mm Weaver rail for scope attachment. This attaches onto the dovetail and serves as a rail riser and rail adapter.

This rifle also has an automatic safety (a serrated hammer at the rearmost of the action, w/ a red dot painted on to indicate FIRE) and a two point adjustable trigger, which can be adjusted by means of the grub screws on the trigger base. The trigger guard does not have holes through which the allen key can be directed in order to make the desired adjustments, so you'll need to utilize the short end of the allen key and torque it by its long end.

The rifle comes supplied w/ three additional diopters which can be swopped out by threading the end point of the front sight shield out. These diopters are paper-thin steel sheet, meaning that they can easily bend / corrode, so just watch out and safe guard these in the supplied sealable plastic bag. 
In terms of muzzle velocity - if this rifle packs 40 J (per the manufacturer's claim) w/ 8.44 gr pellets, the muzzle velocity should exceed 1200 FPS. This is just theory however. The shot report definitely does indicate that the pellets fired break the sound barrier (1100 FPS at seal level)

Key features
  • Ergonomically shaped wooden stock (Really beefy-feeling though, but not as weighty as some of the bulkier GAMO rifles on the market. Its size does make it a bit harder to fully exert control over, though the recoil is rather manageable.
  • Gas piston. (We advise making proper use of the silencer supplied!)
  • 11 mm Dovetail rail and an additional 22 mm Weaver rail adapter / riser
  • Adjustable rear sight (windage and elevation)

Reload method: Break Barrel, stiff breaking action
Safety: Yes, hammer at rear of action
Power: 40 J
Weight: 3900 g
Overall Length: 1180 mm
Barrel Length: 425 mm
Mount Rail: 22 mm weaver / Picatinny
Grip: Laser cut checkering, ambidextrous
Caliber: 5,5 mm / .22
Type of weapon: Air Rifle
Muzzle Velocity: Calculated to >1100 FPS
Type of mechanism: Nitro Piston
Gun Stock: Beech wood
Sights: Yes


Product unboxing video can be perused here;

Rifle shooting video can be perused here;

    SPA ARTEMIS GR1600W AIR RIFLE  4.5MM - NeonSales

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