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Product images are for illustration purposes. The bolt action sits on the left hand face of the action and the bolt end, is hour glass shaped, not barrel or ball shaped. The printed markings on the action may vary from what the ARTEMIS CP2 that we stock.) 

The ARTEMIS CP2 comes highly recommended as a budget plinker for those looking to have multishot capability (7 shot in this case), but do not wish to fork out for a PCP yet or want to deal w/ a handpump, scuba tank or compressor (specifically the startup cost thereof).

This gun likewise, will certainly not offer you 750 FPS, as in .22 calibre, you can fairly expect to achieve 435 FPS w/ JSB Jumbo RS (13.43gr) pellets, whereas with the long barrel equiped, we're looking at 540 FPS (also w/ JSB Jumbo RS pellets). For a hand-portable airgun w/ an M10x1 threaded barrel end (w/ a working silencer supplied), reliably firing pellets with a LH BOLT ACTION (7 shot magazine capacity, 2x magazines supplied), we really cannot think of a more powerful, hand-portable CO2 gun for home defence or otherwise surreptitious pest control. 

 Nicest feature in our opinion regarding this product, is the modular design - you can use the pistol and silencer alone and have a powerful home defence tool, with which up to 10 meters, you can shoot 15.89gr HADES pellets respectably hard. 

You can use the pistol with the long barrel and silencer, should you need extra power and a bit more longer distance accuracy.

You can use the pistol with short barrel and rifle stock, for a beter controlable bolt action carbine, should you desire shoulder stabilizing and, with the inclusion of the silencer, will keep your gun's length profile to a minimum.

Otherwise, you can go with the high power, better accuracy, better shooting stability mode which is the pistol with the longer barrel equipped and the shoulder stock attached. This would be your setup for ranged shooting and you should have plenty of power left at 40 meters to lodge the pellets into plywood, not to mention, putting them straight through tin cans.

To maximize efficiency, feel free to use the Hungerian-made "SKENCO" pellets - since they are flyweight and offer maximum penetration, you should be able to offset the gun's lackluster power (compared to a traditional gas ram air rifle rifle) and accomplish good penetration levels. These pellets do perform outstandingly well at longer distances.

Feature overview;

This gun comes w/ a dovetail rail milled out on top of the action, where the rear sight is affixed to. This you can remove, then add a compact option / aim point of your choice on. The short barrel has a fixed front sight mounted on just behind the muzzle end, whereas the longer barrel has the same setup, however, with the inclusion of an additional rear sight mounted on the dovetail rail section on top of the included barrel band. This is ideal for the aforementioned reason - removing the rearmost sight ontop of the action, to mount an optic, however, here you'll still have open sights as backup that should retain zero, if you do not adjust the barrel or barrel band.

There is a barrel band included here (anodized aluminium), which primarily is utilized to bind the barrel to CO₂ tube, which counteracts the barrel from flinching per shot fired, especially on the higher pressure range of the CO2 capsule. This barrel band can be equiped on the pistol with its short barrel configuration or its longer barrel configuration. The lopside of the barrel band also includes a single slot Picatinny rail, which allows you to mount certain bipods or if you'd like, a compact flashlight module or laser-emitting module for a projecting aim point.

Furthermore, inside of the handle, there is a slot for inserting a spare 12g CO₂ capsule for storage -and later retrieval purposes.

You'll also receive a 2 pair of multishot magazines, 7 shot, as well as a single pellet loader, which is normally used to load in longer pellets that would ordinarily not fit into the magazine or you can use it to give you better shooting precision over longer distances. The multishot magazine does not allow you the same amount of accuracy as the single shot loader does, just for reference.. All three these loadersm have a magnetic at the base which corrosponds with the magnet sitting flush in the base of the breech. The purpose of this is to assist in magazine loading, as the magnets attract one another as soon as they enter one another's vicinity and secondly, it secures that magazine in place, preventing sideways movement, allowing for a more generous play between the breech and magazine, unlike some PCP rifles for example, where the friction between the magazine and breech retains the magazine.

The multishot magazines of course, are self-indexing, meaning they have the built-in method for indexing consecutive shots, instead of needing to rely on a mechanism integrated into the breech to index the magazine.

The front sight is fixed / not-adjustable and cannot really be moved from its postion on the barrel. The rear sight however, by measn of a flat screw driver tip, can be adjusted both for windage and elevation.

The bolt as previously mentioned, has an hourglass shaped bolt head, which allows for easier cocking as there is a notch right around the shape of the bolt head for the index finger to better latch onto. This is an improvement over the previous design, that featured only a ball at the bolt end, which didn't have the same ergonomy.

The action of the gun otherwise, is completely steel and likewise, susceptible to rust. Just be duly aware of this and likewise, be sure to treat your gun with BALLISTOL UNIVERSAL OIL. As for the seals etc, feel free to utilize some SINGER ALL PURPOSE OIL - 80ML, both of which can be found on our listings.

The stock itself is solid synthetic, possibly ABS from the looks of it.

The silencer itself is anodized aluminium, which can be disassembled to expose the stacks of baffles and separators, which are all just raw aluminium. You can rebuild the silencer using the hull if you'd like, clean the silencer inside out or otherwise drill the bore of the silencer out larger, by drilling the baffles individually, if you would want to do so.

Product review video can be perused here;

a Demonstration video can be perused here;


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