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SNOWPEAK Outdoor Slingshot003

  • Folding wrist lock attached
  • Surgical latex power band
  • Firm grip for high accuracy
  • High velocity

This is a really nice little slingshot, from the same manufacturers that brought you the P35 and the M25!

The handle itself is a sleek-feeling polymer that has a rock-hard feeling to it. It features two full finger scallops for your middle and ring finger, w/ a half finger allowance for your index and little finger. The backstrap of this pistol buldges out closer to the bottom, similar to what you'd have on a pistol.

The Y-frame of this slingshot is completely steel, w/ a diameter of about 6mm right around. It is a single-piece construction, no joined ends.

The retainers for the latex are polymer and as illustrated on the off-sides of these (apex of the Y-frame), you have a colomn of four green fibre optic insert sights on both sides, presumably to help you gauge the middle of the slingshot frame in relation to the positioned projectile which you are busy drawing back on the latex strap with. a Really nice feature, although we haven't field tested this ourselves yet to see how it works.

Please note however here that, the pouch wherein the intended projectile is to be seated, is slightly undersized, specifically 12x35mm. While 1/4" and 6mm steel shot should fly like a dream from this slingshot (it specifically has a cut-out for this small shot), we're not sure that 9.5mm steel shot will as well. Though .43 polymer shot should nevertheless have a manageable weight for it to fly proper from this slingshot, so you could utilize it all the same for plinking troublesome primates w/out killing them.

We also appreciate how the polymer caps on the top of the Y-frame can thread off, to allow you to easily remove the latex strap. The retainer screws has traction grooves along their circumference for better grip, to loosen and remove them. They also do positively 'click' in place, which is a nice touch.

Overall, we have some high hopes for this slingshot, as the brand is right and likewise, the supplier does speak highly of the LATEX bands, instead of the usual rubber tube ones found on slingshots. 


From the manufacturer's website;

02. INNER BOX SIZE: 110*65*210MM
03. CTN SIZE: 570*340*435MM
04. Netto Weight: 12.00KG
05. G.W.: 16.00KG

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