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Packaging colouration and appearance might slightly vary from time to time. We'll do our best to advertise the product as correct as possible.

In the case w/ this batch, the bottle is the white one w/ the red nozzle, as illustrated.

80ml All-purpose lubrication oil, which we highly recommend for gas guns, limited PCP rifle applications and in general, for taking care of your O-rings. We also recommend utilizing these on paintball markers, specifically for your detants, the hammer O-ring, the power tube O-ring and very importantly, for your cup seal. This you can lubricate by way of dropping this oil into the ASA adapter and thereafter, dry firing in a safe direction with the gas / power source engaged. 

Lubricate your gas gun's O-rings with this directly into the area where the CO2 capsule would be pushed up against, though more sparingly than for a paintball marker, as gas guns have narrower gas lines and can clog up readily with oil if you apply too much. We recommend just a small few droplets now and again, though the application of this is MANDATORY - People unfortunately think that O-rings won't ever really give a problem, but the opposite is the case - O-rings will unavoidably give issues if not regularly maintained and consequently, will need replacement. If not done by yourself, then unfortunately, you'll usually have to pay somneone else to perform the repair and a waiting peroid also may be applicable.

This can be minimized, even overcome, by utilizing the above advice and of course, don't leave your marker / gas gun pressurized on end. CO2 in its pressurized, can easily reach sub-zero temperatures and likewise, dehydrate your seals, causing them to becoime rigid and becoming unable to seal properly.

 BALLISTOL UNIVERSAL OIL, which by the way, is also mineral based, as we recommend this for maintaining the exterior of your paintball marker, gas gun, PCP rifle, break barrel rifle and the interior of the barrel of your air-rifle.

Otherwise, we mostly emply this liquid for lubrication of paintball markers - especially the hammer / metal-on-metal friction parts. 


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