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Key Features;

  • Polymer frame w/ low grit checkering for a firm, secure grip on the pistol. Lightweight
  • Ambidextrous slide catch
  • SA / DA
  • Pseudo-striker fired. There is a gap at the rear of the slide, where, on the rear of the internal hammer, a red dot indicates if the gun is cocked / in single action, the absence thereof would indicate double action
  • Sharp and crisp controls that toggles postively.
  • Magazine catch that grasps firmly, likewise, said button has to be pressed in solidly to release the magazine. The SIG SAUER® licensed product by CEONIC, is much lighter.
  • Underbarrel Picatinny rail, MIL-STD 1913. Quadrupply slotted.
  • Supplied w/ CEONIC branded hardshell carry case that is super shock-resistant (ideal for withstanding knocks, bump and otherwise sudden hard impacts) and lined out w/ profile cut foam on the one side and eggtray shell foam on the other side. Positively clips shut. Slot for an additional 14 shot magazine available, though said magazine is sold separate.
  • Semiauto
  • Front venting
  • Perfect modern day tactical carry pistol. 1:1 replica of the P320 - likewise, fits into the same hardshell holster moulded for the SIG SAUER® P320 firearm.
  • Is basically the same as the SIG SAUER® officially licensed product, just doesn't feature the branding on the pistol.
  • No need to use only the slide catch to reset the slide - you can pull the slide back, to reset the slide. You can also, w/ the slide held open and the magwell empty, chuck a filled magazine into the magwell hard and the slide will automatically reset and chamber the first round. This is one of the only blank guns capable of this. The SUR 2608's slide does reset when pulled back w/ a round loaded in the magazine, however, its slide does not automatically reset when chucking the new / filled magazine in hard enough. a Feature on this size class of pistol thusfar we only picked up on the RETAY G17.


This is the CEONIC P250, basically a P320 replica, though designated different. Just FIY though - it is not a P250 replica - it will likewise fit into a hardshell holster intended for the P320. The features are otherwise identical to that of the fully licensed SIG SAUER P320 - exception being that the magazine release spring is a little stiffer, the sights have dots painted on them - particularly two white at the rear and one red at the front.
Otherwise, everything is just about the same. The price tag is a bit lower , although, bear in mind that there is a good reason for that as well...


This pistol comes supplied w/ a flexible hardshell carry case that certain looks as though it would be capable to taking a beating. It likewise is branded "CEONIC" on the top, featuring eggtray foam on the upper inside the case, whilst profile-cut foam on the bottom side. This foam insert allows you to lay the pistol in, in a specific position, and keep it there unmoving. The magazine has such a slot, as does an additional one, which this pistol is not supplied with, but is sold separately. Normally you are supplied a flare tip adapter with, likewise a twisted wire nylon bristle brush. This of course, is just a novelty - To clean this pistol, you'll need sunlight liquid, an old toothbrush and a coarse cloth. If you really want to clean your pistol a bit more professionally, then perhaps look at the following;


The frame is all-polymer, featuring a really GLOCK 19-esque height and length to this pistol - really the modern firearm dimensions ideal for self-defence and intervention / first response / counter-terrorism at up to 30 meters. 
Under the barrel, we have a four slot Picatinny rail for mounting target acquisition assists on. 

The handle is particularly nice and unique on this pistol - you have finely stippled coarse panels on both sides, likewise front and rear. The backstrap slopes outward as well, to accomodate for larger shooter hands. There is an ambidextrous set of finger rests, respectively for your thumb and index, which does improive ergonomy. Above these, are ramp stops covering the slide catch levers.. Yes 'levers', to prevent you from accidentally pushing them up during firing and creating a false empty magazine report. In terms of 'levers' - this pistol caters for the lefties, by having made the slide catch ambidextrous. Really nice. We believe the triangular magazine release can be removed and then reset for left handed shooters.

This pistol features slanted, though broad, cocking serration both front and rear. The latter would be for normally racking the slide, whilst the latter, in tandem w/ the semi-catch position, can allow for one to physcially 'check' if there is brass in battery, w/out risking extracting said cartridge. This is really a nice touch and certainly unique on most all blank guns we've seen and tested ourselves thusfar. 

This pistol moreover, has a 'cocking indicator' in the form of a red dot that becomes apparent, through a cut-out, right under the striker slot on the slide, which indicates that the internal hammer (this is a pseudo striker fired gun afterall) is engaged and ready. This will behave in concert w/ the trigger, which, will shift from its double action position, to the single action position. The first thing you might notice as you take up the slack on the trigger, is the trigger reset position that you'll pass. Make a note of this, as this is the position that the trigger needs to return to, in order to re-engage the sear.

Also here at the rear, there is a grub screw inset, 2.5mm, which toggles the claw inset of the extractor. Toggling this should help with cartridges that expand more after detonation, and need extra encouragement to come out. We normally urge the average user not to toggle this - Normal cycling issues can be resolved by polishing / buffing out the breech and the upramp thereto. If the cartridge is not budging from the magazine, but you can hand-load / extract your cartridges just fine, then you might need to broaden the magazine sheet metal around the topmost loaded cartridge out a little, to apply less retention on the cartridgge.


The barrel blockler is a bit more obscure - a protruding pin similar to those typical on the BLOW series of pistols, surrounded by another cylindrical inset, which presumably, enables the blowback feature of the pistol.


Hereunder, are some recommended add-ons;


Here's our in-house video review on this pistol. See the video description 👇 on YouTube for the other items featured. (Please don't forget to subscribe either 😉)


Technical Specifications;


Replica of



9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)


Weight (grams)
Loaded (fully)


Trigger Action
Single Action / Double Action. Semiauto

Firing method

Internally hammer fired / Pseudo striker fired

Magazine capacity



Polymer frame, metal slide


None - As mentioned above, you'll notice that there is a red dot visible through the rear of the slide, via a small rectangular gap. When displaying, it indicates that the pistol is cocked / in Single Action. When not showing, it indicates that the pistol is in Double Action. Otherwise, no traditional safety lever or even a SAFE ACTION® immitation feature.

Ease of Field Strip

 9/10 - Really easy. There is a wing-shaped lever on the LH face of the pistol frame. Position it to point to the 6 'o clock postion, then withdraw it from the frame completely. The slide will be able to hitch off the slide rail via the rear. It goes w/out saying that firing the pistol like this, will dismount the slide from the frame, possibly ejecting it off by force, therefore, don't do it.
See the gallery lineup item for a visual on all the field stripped components. 
If you aren't confident stripping the pistol, then don't attempt it.

Lanyard loophole


Removable gripstocks

No. The texturing of the handle is fixed and cannot be toggled, only permanently modified. It can only be toggled by swopping out the entirety of the frame, or by attaching something like a PACHMAYR slip-on grip. Have a look at the cheapy rubber slip ons we stock, it fits this pistol like a dream

Magazine Release


Underbarrel Picatinny Rail

Yes, MIL-STD 1913, 4 slots

CEONIC P250 (P320 REPLICA) BLANK GUN - BLACK - NeonSales South Africa

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