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The SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XD-M is shown for comparison, not for advertising purposes.

This is the RETAY XR - another exciting lineup in their blank gun range, that appears to be striker fired. Is it worth the buck? Let's find out!

Right off the bat, this strikes us unmistakably as the SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XD-M pistol, thanks to the signature frame design - instead of the XD logo, we have the XR logo, with the same texturing otherwise on the handle; we have these broad ribber stripes texturing out the contour of the handle backstrap, forming out a centrifugal step pattern. The frontal-most of the handle has this same pattern, whereas the sides of the handle feature diagonal dash lines. It lends for a good and positive grip on the pistol. The pattern is also unique amongst all the blank guns we've dealt with sofar, and does lend for a pleasant visual aesthetic too!
Also nice here is the thumb rest, which mimics the XD-M very closely. The ergonomy this provides for your thumb and index, can certainly be felt when brandishing this gun properly.

The slide features your cocking serrations, both front and rear. The front end of the slide has three cocking serrations, exactly like on the XD-M, likewise, copying the set of six at the rear, but just in a different / GLOCK-esque pattern.

The trigger guard is identical, as you might notice - the front end is forwardly slanted, w/ a stubby at the frontal-bottom extremity. The rear-bottom of the trigger guard likewise, recedes upward to the frame.
Unfortunately, this pistol does not feature a double blade trigger safety, although the trigger scallop form does somewhat resemble the one on the XD-M.

Contrary to appearances, this pistol is unfortunately not a true striker fired pistol - if you have a look at the illustration of the field stripped gun, you may notice the internal hammer. This makes this pistol a pseudo-striker fired gun or "internally hammer fired action" Nevetheless, the pistol does not have an external hammer, so being internally hammer fired, still has its advantages over being externally hammer fired.

Otherwise, your slide catch matches up to the firearm counterpart - a low profile notch, stepped downwardly as it tapers out. This assists by means of finger traction, to manually engage this lever. The top half of this tab, is horizontally serrated w/ a squared flat top. Behind this, we have our RETAY PT-styled safety. It features a low sloped shape comprised of layers appexing up to a middle point. This makes it easy to toggle the safety both ways, up or down. This lever likewise is not too stiff and toggles with relative ease.

The magazine release button is a serrated-top cylinder shaped out of a form that matches the surrounding contour of the handle. The cylinder form has a distinct feel to ones tactile sense, making it easy to find/distinguish and therefore, makes it easy and quick to release the magazine

Alike the XD-M, we have an underbarrel Picatinny rail, second only to that found on the RETAY S2022. This pistol features three Picatinny slots, alotting you a modicum of mounting options, be that a flashlight or laser pointer module.

Our overall feeling about this gun is exceedingly positive. Like you guys, we love replica features on blank guns and this gun offers a full house thereof!


Technical Specifications:

Replica of

SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XD-M. Very realistic looking replica.


9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)


Weight (g)


Trigger Action
Single Action Only, Semi Automatic

Firing method

Internally Hammer fired / Pseudo Striker Fired

Magazine capacity



Metal upper, polymer frame


Yes, fore-actuated lever, mounted rearwardly on the frame. Low tension.

Ease of Field Strip

8/10 - Really easy.. Twist the takedown lever to the 12 o' clock position, whereafter it can be levered outward, then completely withdrawn from the pistol frame. With the blowback rod indexer backwardly seated, you can then take the slide off the slide rails at the rear of the frame, then strip it off the frontal end w/ the blowback assembly.

Lanyard loophole


Removable gripstocks

N/A. The handle is very tacky out of the box, which is almost like an aftermarket accessory in itself. To replace this, you'd need to replace the whole frame.

Magazine Release


Underbarrel Picatinny Rail

Yes, MIL STD 1918 compliant w/ three slots

RETAY XR BLANK GUN - BLACK - NeonSales South Africa

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