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Please see the video in the gallery line-up for a product walk-around.  

This is the RETAY XPRO, probably one of the most ergonomical blank guns we've had the opportunity of selling, thanks to RETAY's propriety "X TOUCH TECHNOLOGY". Aside from its advanced ergonomy, this gun has a good compact size and balances really nice in one's hand. The cocking serrations on it are broad and gently forwardly slanted. In fact, these are 'grooves', rather than serrations.

The slide top is open, BERETTA style, w/ the barrel end peering out in front of the slide by a short nub. The tip too, is female threaded, to accept a flare tip adapter. As per normal, this gun does extract to the right.

This gun otherwise does feature a full polymer frame w/ metal trigger. The underbarrel Picatinny rail allows you to mount a flashlight or laser or combination of both there, should you so wish. Do note that there is only one Picatinny rail slot, so your specific positioning will be limited.

Otherwise, the hammer has a bit of a beefy, traditional arc of movement, justifying the long beavertail / hammer guard, as the hammer's tail can touch the beaver tail.

The safety lever is only present on the left face of the frame, hinging by the tail. There are three steps on the belly side of this lever and two on its topside. The bottom side is also scalloped, making it a bit easier to put the gun into safe, than to take it off of safe.

The sights are present on top of the slide, medium profile and do appear very realistic, though of course not precision manufactured, but nice looking nevertheless.

The magazine release fits flush in w/ the ultra-modern design of the pistol frame and looks to form part of the handle backdrop. The frontal side of the button has angular serrations to interact w/ your finger print topography, serving as traction / anti-slip, when depressing the button.

The gun likewise field strips easy - the takedown lever swivels from the 3 'o clock position, clockwise to the 6 'o clock position, whereafter the lever peering off of the frame, can be used as a pulling tab to extract the entire part out. Once done, the slide hitches off the slide rails of the frame at the rear, whereafter it can be stripped off.

The slide catch toggles very easy as well - a 16mm long lever that juts out broader towards its top /apex. This lever actuates really easy and to manually hold the slide out on this gun, we found is a breeze. Alot of other blank guns will require a bit more focus and concentrated effort to hold the slide open.

The frame otherwise is simply exquisite! a Marvel of injection moulding science;

On the front of the handle we have a set of finger scallops - an upper which your middle finger slots into, followed by a lower, which a collection of your ring -and small finger fits into. The flush-fitting magazine floorplate has a complimentary scallop whereupon your little finger can rest. The middle and ring finger has stippling which it can tack to, whereas the backstrap of the handle is stippled down its ridge line, in four quadrons, for maximum traction.
The stippling here likewise is not faint / vague. RETAY does a proper job when it comes to checkering and stippling, this gun being a prime example.

This pistol otherwise, is a nice amalgamation of the new and old - old school Beretta open top slide w/ open top ejection port for better cartridge extraction reliability, less interaction w/ the barrel as the slide actuates and the barrel end that peeks out ahead of the slide in its reset position. Vintage hammer firing as well.
This above paired w/ an ultra-modern recoil-dampening, lightweight polymer frame sporting high-end ergonomy unparalleled in a blank gun. If you wanted a top-end blank gun EDC, you certainly found it in this gun!

Instructional manual can be downloaded here

 Feel free to have a look here;



Technical Specifications:

Replica of



9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)


Weight (g)


Trigger Action
Single Action, Semi Auto.

Firing method

Hammer fired

Magazine capacity



Metal upper, polymer frame


Yes, tail-actuated lever mounted rearwardly on the frame

Ease of Field Strip

8/10 - Really easy.. Twist the takedown lever one-quarter of a turn, withdraw it from the frame and pull the slide off at the rear, field stripping the gun thus. To reassemble the gun, just reverse the process.

Lanyard loophole


Removable gripstocks

N/A. The handle is very tacky out of the box, which is almost like an aftermarket accessory in itself. To replace this, you'd need to replace the whole frame.

Magazine Release


Underbarrel Picatinny Rail

Yes, one slot in the forward position.

RETAY XPRO BLANK GUN - BLACK - NeonSales South Africa

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