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The cartridges as illustrated are for illustration purposes only - sold separately.

Magazine specifically designated for the RETAY SP2022. 

Loads up w/ 14+1, in 9x22mm P.A.K calibre.

The magazine floorplate is removable, by using a pin tool to press in the spring floor plate, whereafter the magazine floorplate can be slid off. 

The magazine can be disassembled by using a punch tool of 3mmø, pushing it into the slot under the magazine floorplate that corresponds / fits in with the nub from the spring floorplate and push said nub upward until it clears off the magazine floorplate. JUST WORK CAREFULLY, as the spring CAN and WILL shoot out and crawl in under a couch before you know it.
Assuming you take the floorplate off carefully, you should be able to relieve the springload from the magazine, whereafter you can take out the spring floorplate, the spring, as well as the magazine follower. Knowing how to perform the above properly, will help you to fix any magazine related issues, such as feeding problems related to the magazine and corrosion build-up. We recommend, for the latter case, to completely disassemble your magazine and rinse it inside out with TOOL IN A CAN or good old Q20.. Any similar petroleum-based product should suffice. Just wipe off properly once done.

Otherwise, the material composition of the following components are as follow;

Magazine shell - 0.8mm sheet metal.
Magazine floorplate - injection moulded polymer (IMP)
Spring floorplate - IMP
Magazine follower - IMP
Magazine spring - Spring steel


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