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This is the RETAY S2022, very nice looking replica of the SIG SAUER SP2022. For those who liked the GUERILLA SNORRE, this one is sure to appeal to you guys.

Right off the bat, we'll start with the injection moulded polymer frame, which has a pleasant contemporary aesthetic. Those who love their GLOCK Gen 1 and Gen 2 models, will certainly have a feeling of some admiration for this gun as well; the frame here is a decent, full sized compact frame w/ stipple panels on all sides, which does help alot for ergonomy. There are no finger grooves / scallops, so this can detract from the ergonomy a little bit, though alot of people are not the biggeest fans of those and do prefer the straight handle w/ a little bit of backstrap curvature. 
The magazine floorplate terminates the handle's bottom end nicely w/ a curvature, whereupon one's little finger can be seated. The magazine release is a triangular shape pointed to the left w/ vertical grooves that are pronounced, for better finger traction. It requires a bit of effort to depress and physically eject the magazine, which for everyday carry purposes can be a boon.

The safety lever likewise, is within thumb-reach and moves in an arc - the same way that the thumb naturally does when the hand is wrapped around this gun's handle. That ergonomical design certainly deserves a nod, we think.
On that same note, this lever is downwardly stepped, starting thin off at the top, broadening out to the lower most of its shape - the ergonomy is accentuated for putting into SAFE, but one will have to push up against the flat of the bottom to put this pistol on FIRE. However, mind you - that flat bottom does provide ample snag for the lever to be pushed up. When actuating the lever either-or direction, it does so positively with no slippage, even if toggling this lever with no serious or deliberate effort.

As the thumb progresses upward, in the same arc of movement as previously explained, we have the slide catch release, whose terminal point is likewise downwardly stepped, but doesn't broaden out too much. That being said, the middle of one's thumb digit digit can toggle this lever, both to manually catch the slide and also to reset it. This of course means that you get to retain your grip on the pistol and you should be ready to shoot, simply by placing your thumb back around the pistol handle.

The cocking serrations on this gun are really beefy - faintly slanted to the rear, w/ distinct grooves milled out the slide, 10 of them to be specific.

The hammer here follows a low profile arc-of-movement, meaning its movement is close to its axis / the hammer has a short profile. This mirrors onto the short beaver tail, of course. In front of the aforementioned part, we have a nice indentation which the thumb melds to, as t

Being a DA/SA gun, having that counter-snag property, especially when carrying one up, can save you from the gun discharging against your leg and potentially harming you.
The uppermost tail of the hammer, does sufficiently jut out from the slide, w/ a cross-serrated nub peering out to remotely actuate should that be desired, to other switch from DA to SA or just to safely decock the gun.

The front of the frame features a proper underbarrel Picatinny rail for mounting an accessory - specicially four slots at regular intervals, offering you a bit more versatility for mounting target-acquisition assists.

The ejection port is a 2/3 open type, offering space for the cartridges to eject both upward and almost all the way 90° rightward down to the horizontal plane. Really nice.

The slide otherwise features its characteristic high profile slide, contrary to the likes found on CZ pistols. In this case, having that extra weight on a full speed 30 MPH backstroke, would normally cause some recoil, but thanks to the flexible (and dimensional stability) of polymer, alot of this force is absorbed by the frame. On a blank gun application, this shouldn't be too much of a worry. In fact, we prefer a taller slide, as it allows for beefier cocking serrations, resulting in easier manipulation of the slide.

Insofar as blank guns go - we rate this pistol up there at the top position with the RETAY XPRO. The fact that all the controls are within reach of the thumb w/ the rest of the fingers around the handle, the beefy cocking serrations, the low movement profile of the hammer, the proper Picatinny rail strip under the under and the full compliment of traditional stippling around the hand for the best possible traction on an otherwise flat-contoured profile, does make this pistol a winner.

Moreover, did we mention that this pistol features a 14+1 magazine capacity?


Technical Specifications:

Replica of

SIG SAUER SP2022 (First Gen)


9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)


Trigger Action

Firing method

Hammer fired, low arc of movement

Magazine capacity



Metal upper, polymer lower


Shaped lever, manually actuated

Ease of Field Strip

5/10 - You'll need a set of crocodile nose pliers to grip and draw the blowback rod out. Once done, you'll need a butter knife to push out the slide catch lever, then lever it out thoroughly, until completely disengaged from the gun. Thereafter the slide can be hitched off at the rear, from the slide rails and removed from the frame, with the blowback assembly. To reassemble the gun, you just reverse the process.

Lanyard loophole


Removable gripstocks

No. Frame has ergonomical / grip features integrated, specifically dubbed "S TOUCH technology"

Magazine Release


Underbarrel Picatinny Rail

Yes, full MIL-STD 1918 underbarrel rail w/ four slots.

RETAY S2022 BLANK GUN - MATT CHROME - NeonSales South Africa

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