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This is the RETAY EAGLE X - the big larnie of the blank gun world! Based off of the iconic "Desert Eagle" by Magnum Research Inc. and later IMI Systems. Intended as a gun that could outdo the classic "Big Iron" (.44 Magnum) in terms of power, the cartridge developed for this gun, does to this day, still hold the record for being the largest centrefire self-loading, magazine-fed handgun cartridge, namely the .50 AE (Action Express). 

As an actual pistol to be fielded against an opposing force, this gun of course, was turned down by militaries all over the world, in favour of more practical modern guns w/ higher magazine capacities, light weight and can readily be deployed as and when required, quite effectively.

Notwithstanding, we do give the great Eagle its due here at NeonSales. For all those hardcore COUNTER STRIKE fans still packing the D.eagle, we got you gents covered!

Product Description;

The sights are removable insets that can be shimmied out - black in colour, beefy in size and are usable. The frontal one is reverse stepped, whilst the rear one features a squared valley, in which the front sight post would be perceived for a sight picture. The rear one has the dimples to fill in with paint or otherwise, GITD droplets, for better utility of the sights.

The barrel and slide section that runs adjacent to it on the slide rails, are collectively triangular shaped, which does add a sporty and exotic touch to the gun. The barrel assembly w/ breech, is completely stationary, whereas the slide rests in an interlinked sort of juxtaposition w/ the former; when racking the slide by the enormous 11 cocking serrations (spread 2.8mm's apart), only the rear segment of the pistol upper moves, accompanied by its forwardly support mounted on the slide rails. "RETAY EAGLE X" is printed on the left-front of the slide along w/ the cockin serrations. The serial is printed on the part of the frame just above the frontal end of the trigger guard.

The hammer has a thumb-ride indentation, which is cross-serrated. The hammer is otherwise beefy and has a good replica-looking appearance. This was probably designed by Magnum Research Inc, to deal with the stresses associated w/ setting off a half-inch calibre.
The slide catch has a lengthy paddle form - its triple stepped finger catch juts out quite a bit, whilst also being long, making it really easy not to miss this lever. 
The takedown lever features on the right hand side, similar to like you'd have on the 84FS model, which also points backwardly. This can be rotated to the 6 'o clock position, before being pulled out. The slide should then be able to hitch off at the rear.

The magazine release is more or less standard -small protruding featureless rounded button which catches your thumb easily. The diameter on it is a bit narrow, so you'll need to push the button in a bit more deliberately.

Otherwise, the magazine capacity is 17+1 and it has a nice flush-fitting metal floorplate, which does create a neat finish to the bottom of the magwell.

The trigger blade is lengthy and particularloy broad as well, fitting in neatly with all the other oversized features on this gun. The two-stage on this trigger pull is well and clearly defined, requiring a little effort to break. The trigger reset is a little protracted, but if you were to fire a .50 AE cartridge from a Desert Eagle, you'll likely need to bring the gun barrel down on target again, long after the trigger has been reset, so we don't count this as a down point.

Overall, we really like this gun, especially in this colour! This blank gun certainly is the king amongst all pistol handguns! 


Technical Specifications:

Replica of

Desert Eagle .50 AE, MK I. (1986 - 1988)


9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)



1356 grams

Trigger Action
Single Action, Semi Auto.

Firing method

Hammer fired

Magazine capacity



All Metal, plastic grip stock - wraparound triple grip panel, except on the frontal side; the front side is bare, smooth metal.


Yes, slide mounted ambidextrous safety lever w/ actuator shoe.

Ease of Field Strip

8 / 10 - Straightforward. Rotate the takedown lever counter-clockwise to the 6 'o clock position, then withdraw it from the frame. The part that fits over the barrel will come loose and can then be removed. Likewise, the slide can then be hitched off the rear. From there, the blowback spring and its guide rod can be removed, also the magazine if you haven't already. Reassembly is justr the reverse of the steps as laid out above. Note that the blowback rod does not need to be pulled forward, in order for the takedown lever to be reinserted. You'll see that there is a protruding lip on the end of the lever - use this as a key, to open the hole for this lever, in order to refit this lever to the frame.

Lanyard loophole


Removable gripstocks

No - This gun features wraparound triple grip panel, except on the frontal side; the front side is bare, smooth metal. The panels themselves are properly stippled and each side features an encircled eagle head emblem in the centre of the panel. Really nice play on "Desert Eagle". Some of the best grips we've seen on a RETAY, second only to the XPRO model.

Magazine Release


Underbarrel Picatinny Rail



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