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Product Description

QYT KT-8900 is VHF UHF mobile radio which with simultaneous dual band receive. Max 25 Watts RF output on VHF and max 20 watts on UHF.

Analog mobile radio has never been so cost performance as with the KT-8900.

The Mini Size, Simple Design, Easy to Use, Excellent Quality and Full-Range VHF 136-174MHz and UHF 400-480MHz allowing you to enjoy the fun of ham radio with your friends.

The Analog Mobile Ham Radio Base Station Kit from QYT is your ticket to experience two way radio fun. 

Manufacture by QYT for hams, this kit has everything you need to get you started as an analog amateur radio operator at fabulous cost!

The KT-8900 is a mini dual band VHF and UHF mobile radio. Which is a great training radio for an amateur radio club instructional program. It comes in handy for hams who are new to two way radio and want to build a ham shack on a budget. It's the perfect gift for that ham in your life who wants an analog mobile or base station radio to Get On The Air.

The KT-8900 could be used as commercial mobile radio, public mobile radio even taxi two way radio.

The QYT KT-8900 offers up to 25 watts VHF and 20 watts UHF operation in High output mode. It features 256 Channels, with CTCSS and DCS, channels scan and DTMF technology. It includes Lone worker mode, an emergency alarm and VOX capability. The KT-8900 has an LCD display, programmable function keys on the console, a hand microphone with programmable keys, a built-in LEDs and a DTMF keypad.

The QYT KT-8900 is also repeater capable and compatible with all brand analog walkie talkie and mobile ham radios.

Power cable besides the standard cigarette lighter power supply, we also have the Adapter which use household electricity consumption input voltage of 220-240V AC/DC and an output voltage of 13.8V DC±15%.

USB Programming Cable to connects your QYT radios to your computer and software to programming your radio!

The KT-8900 Kit includes:

  • Radiostation  
  • Microphone
  • DC power cable
  • Mobile mounting bracket
  • Mounting hardware
  • User's manual

The KT8900 is rated at 20-25W. A 13.6VDC power supply used when not mobile. There is a defunct menu option for Audio Scrambler, the option does nothing. The radio comes with a full function keypad style microphone. Functions include: Menu, Up, Down, A/B, Exit, Reverse, Scan and Lock. The RJ-45 microphone jack has the same pin output as the Kenwood.

For computer program it requires Prolific Driver or compatible, it is a prolific chip cable, not a standard USB cable.

Due to the fact that the Chinese suck at English translation, the Monitor button reads MOM, rather than MONI. Some other annoyances include a lack of an external Speaker jack. The port in rear is for a programming cable only. There is no 2.5 kHz stepping which makes entry of some UHF frequencies difficult.

Some problems with the radio: Volume is very loud. The volume control is nearly useless. You turn slightly and the sound goes from deaf to blasting with little in between. The audio potentiometer is not a correct match. Signal lock after scan sometimes produces no audio. This is a glitch. Cannot connect an external speaker. Apparently, the audio jack in the rear is just for the programming cable and cannot be used for an external speaker.

The sound quality is terrible. Receive audio seems distorted. The audio is also unstable while mobile due to vibrations from road travel probably as the result of poor solder joints internally. Looking inside the unit it is apparent that the soldering work inside is less than adequate. It is hard to understand what people are saying while traveling due to the poor sound quality. They really should have made it possible to attach an external speaker to this radio, a major shortcoming.

Cross-band interference is a real problem with these. They are noisy radios. Driving by power lines causes monitor to break squelch and generate noise. Transmissions on nearby frequencies also bleeds though. It has a wide open front end with insufficient filtration.

Some quick positives: It is very small, it seems pretty tough, and it is inexpensive. I use them as backup radios to quickly place in a vehicle while the main radio is being serviced. For the size they push pretty good transmit power and the microphone audio is loud.

The quality from one unit to the next varies to some degree. Your experience with the sound quality might differ to some degree. And finally, with the lower end radios this is still much better than trying to use your HT in a car, even when the HT is connected to an outside antenna. Furthermore, if this radio is stolen from your car you will not suffer as much of a loss as you would had it been an expensive Japanese radio.


General Specifications

Frequency Range

VHF: 136-174MHz


Channel Capacity

200 channels

Channel Spacing

25KHz, 20KHz, 12.5KHz

Channel Step

 5KHz, 6.25KHz, 10KHz, 12.5KHz, 15KHz, 25KHz

Working Voltage

13.8V DC ±15%

Squelch way

CARRIER / CTCSS / DCS / 5Tone / 2Tone / DTMF

Frequency Stability


Operating Temperature






Receiver (ETSI EN 300 086 Standardized.Test)

Wide Band

Narrow band




Channel chioce






Spurious Rejection



Audio response

+1~ -3dB(0.3~3KHz)

+1~ -3dB(0.3~2.55KHz)

Signal to noise ratio



Audio distortion


Audio output power


Transmitter (ETSI EN 300 086 Standardized.Test)

Wide Band

Narrow band

Output power

25W/20W (VHF / UHF)

Modulation Mode



Channel Power



Signal noise ratio



Parasitic harmonic



Audio response

+1~ -3dB(0.3~3KHz)

+1~ -3dB(0.3~2.25KHz)

Audio distortion


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