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Pistol case only, extras not included - for illustrative purposes only.

Jumbo pistol case, well suited for bearing the load of your pistol / blank gun / firearm with the addition of spare magazines and a tray of extra 50 bullets. Once closed, the content will not shake around whatsoever, as the double side of eggtray foam moulds to -and secures firmly whatever is captured within.

In the front, you have two positively locking clips, that hooks around the catch on the one side, then pulling it in as the back of the hinging clip clicks positively back against the frontal side of the case. This allows for a tight and seecure fit of whatever is stored inside this case. Moreover, it has two padlock arm holes, ø7.5mm is diameter that should allow you to secure your pistol case with a set of beefy padlocks. Due to their positioning, the padlocks won't readily be vulnerable to bolt cutters, as the space to get to the padlock arm there is constricted. a Smaller bolt cutter might be able to enter and try to nip the arm bar, which is why for this reason, we recommend making full use of the holes' diameter.

This box weighs in 1.03 Kg's, indicative of its solidity and likewise, durability. It is a very solid case.

Dimensionally speaking, we're looking at 340 x 260 x 88mm, in terms of the space that this box is consuming. Its interior packing space is 170 x 315 mm at its thinnest and the foam's thickness is 25mm at the base of the eggtray indentation, to the back of the foam, which does alot for quite a bit of squish.

At the back of the case, there aree two rown of piano hinges on opposite sides w/ metal alloy reinforcing to allow for a bit of torture. Also at the rear, we have the upright rests to allow for the box to stand upright w/out concern that it will easily topple over if caught by some wind. In fact, it can be gently bumped as well, and it will not topple over.

The case' exterior texturing is a type of low resolution stippling w/ a moderately coarse feel. 

The handle is ample and generous, allowing those w/ big hands a fair amount of through-space to properly grip ahold of the handle.

Whilst not exactly military standard, this pistol box is more than adequate for tactical needs of operators who might be packing a less-lethal option, and don't necessarily want to invest in a PLANO case, for example, where a lower value gun might not necessitate that amount of insurance against knocking / abuse whilst stored.

The exterior of the one case hemisphere, does have a clear / smooth space to adhere to -or write an indentification marking for the content of the case / indicate ownership of the case and its content.

In terms of maintenance - we recommend just wiping off w/ a wet microfibre cloth now and again, especially to get inbetween the stippling and BALLISTOL UNIVERSAL OIL for the hinges, to counteract rust.

 Please have a look at the video included for a product walk-around. The colour is different, but the product is otherwise identical.

PRIMAX HARD PISTOL CASE 13" TAN - NeonSales South Africa

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