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Handy, but bright little aluminium flashlight, certainly a grip size larget than the similarly packaged one we previously stock, which was about half the price - and brightness - of this one. This flashlight here now offers the same two modes - lantern and flashlight, with the latter featuring two modes of operation, namely high and low, then lantern mode, followed by a lantern strobe mode, which throws a strobe at a fixed frequency.

It features a steel pocket clip measuring about 42 mm - the effective pocket lining retention it offers. The outward spoon shape is not measured, as it does not aid in retention.

This flashlight offers an integrated battery, which we believe is a 18560 cell, likely with the connecting wire ends just soldered on to the battery. The rearmost ned should be able to shuffle off, using a prying tool. This is not intended as quick / user-friendly access, so do practice caution if you ever intend on replacing the battery one day.

This being said, the flashlight does have a mini USB port at the back and likewise, with the supplied USB - USB mini cable, you can recharge your flashlight at 5V, 0.4A. Please bear in mind that this flashlight has no overcharge protection, so you'll need to closely monitor the charging time. We recommend putting on your cellphone's countdown timer to 4 hours the moment you start charging, then unplug once the time runs out. Try not to push it beyond 4 hours unless you know what you are doing.

The light is otherwise entirely controlled at the rear, though only through cycling through the features. It unfortunately does not feature a quick-access means to a certain mode.

Then lastly, the lamp head is telescopic and can be manipulated back and forth to adjust the focus of the beam, in order to either have a concentrated beam of light with range capability or diffuse the light out as much as possible, providing the best closer range field of illumination that this flashlight can offer. You are at liberty to set it somewhere inbetween these extremes of adjustment, to operate the flashlight on a mode better suited to your immediate need.

Overall, this flashlight is nice enough for the pricer, does offer a good amount of lumen in a small, pocket-friendly size, whilst also being battery bank friendly.


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