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NB: Only 1x sachet / kit included in this deal. Two only shown for illustration purposes.
  1. Components of the PatchWorm Small Caliber Kit:

    • Rifle Rods: These rods are 36 inches long (excluding the extra “tail” feature). They are suitable for both rifles and pistols.
    • Caliber-Specific Cleaning Heads:
    • .22 Cleaning Head: Specifically for .22 caliber rimfire, centerfire rifles, and airguns.
    • Dry Cotton Patches: You’ll receive one dozen 7/8-inch round cotton patches. These are essential for effective bore cleaning.
    • Plain Felt Cleaning Buttons: These reusable buttons come in a convenient flip-lid container. They are perfect for removing heavy fouling.
    • All these components are thoughtfully packaged in a durable poly zip pouch, ensuring easy storage and portability.

  2. Why Choose the PatchWorm Small Caliber Kit:

    • Quality Assurance: Made entirely in the USA, the PatchWorm system guarantees the highest quality.
    • Safety First: The nylon construction ensures that your firearm’s bore and muzzle crown remain unharmed during cleaning.
    • Compact and Convenient: The entire kit fits neatly in a shirt pocket, making it a practical choice for shooters on the go.


Properly using the PatchWorm cleaning heads is essential for effective firearm maintenance. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use them:

  1. Select the Appropriate Cleaning Head:

    • Choose the cleaning head that matches the caliber of your firearm.
    • For example, if you’re cleaning a .22 caliber firearm, use the .22 Cleaning Head provided in the PatchWorm Small Caliber Kit.
  2. Attach the Cleaning Head to the Rod:

    • Screw the cleaning head onto the end of the cleaning rod.
    • Ensure it is securely attached to prevent any accidental detachment during cleaning.
  3. Prepare the Patch or Cleaning Material:

    • Cut a cotton patch to the appropriate size for your caliber.
    • Alternatively, use a felt cleaning button if you’re dealing with heavy fouling.
  4. Apply Cleaning Solvent:

    • Apply a few drops of your preferred gun cleaning solvent to the patch or felt button.
    • Make sure the solvent is compatible with your firearm type (e.g., copper solvent for copper fouling).
  5. Insert the Cleaning Head into the Bore:

    • Gently insert the cleaning head (with the attached patch or felt) into the firearm’s bore from the chamber end.
    • Push it through the barrel until it emerges from the muzzle.
  6. Pull the Patch Through the Bore:

    • Grasp the rod near the muzzle end and pull it back through the bore.
    • The cleaning head will drag the patch or felt along, effectively cleaning the bore.
    • Repeat this process several times until the bore is clean.
  7. Inspect the Bore:

    • After cleaning, visually inspect the bore to ensure it’s free from fouling, debris, and residue.
    • If needed, repeat the cleaning process until the bore is spotless.
  8. Remove the Cleaning Head:

    • Unscrew the cleaning head from the rod.
    • Clean the head itself to remove any accumulated dirt or solvent.
  9. Store the Cleaning Head Properly:

    • Store the cleaning head separately from the rod to prevent damage or contamination.
    • Keep it in a clean, dry place.

Remember to follow safety precautions while cleaning firearms, such as ensuring the firearm is unloaded and pointing it in a safe direction. Regular maintenance using the PatchWorm system will help keep your firearm in optimal condition. 


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PATCHWORM BORE CLEANER KIT - .22 / .223 CAL - NeonSales South Africa

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