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The P35 is the next iteration of the popular P15 model - the popular, narrow-grouping PCP rifle which is compact / short, featuring the breeech behind the handle in typical bullpup configuration in order to maximize the length of the barrel (450mm / 17.7") w/out adding too much forward length / length beyond the mounted objective lens.

The addition of an angular triplet of finger grooves is a most welcome addition, which makes brandishing this gun really pleasant. The oblong thumbhole design is aesthetically pleasing, also lending ample room to grapple the handle through.

As before, the guage sits at the end of the air reservoir and as expected, one is supplied with the tubular polygonal tool for removing this, should it be desired. However, please don't do this whilst the rifle is pressurized - you'll bugger up the O-ring and will need to use one of your replacement O-rings / spares; there is no fast way to degass this rifle, unfortunately.

The rifle itself is a pocket sniper per se, in that it can easily be shot from a vehicle window or otherwise from a constricted / constrained space. The fact that the rifle weighs next to nothing, even w/ a 56mm objective lense telescope mounted on, broadens out the choice of artificial resting positions one can use, as the rested position doesn't necessarily have to be one that should be able to bear alot of weight.

This aside, the rifle action is attached to the stock by means of two screws, one of which one might neeed to use a long allen key to remove. Once done, one could then drill in pilot holes for a Picatinny rail, which can be seen / added to your cart here. With this installed, you'll then have a bipod mounting option to your disposal. Alternatively, you'll need to mount a reservoir shroud, if you need a picatinny rail that is paralell with a flat surface. This will also allow you to mount your bipod more forwardly on your rifle, which, at higher magnification settings, should allow for better stability.

Also, out of the box, this rifle is moderately quiet thanks to the barrel shroud, although, for some applications, this might be a tad too loud still. If you need your rifle to be more quiet, feel free to consider a silencer adapter, and use it in conjunction with a silencer. The small one fits the rifle and lends a nice flush appearance, but the larger one does the best job.

The rail is an awkward weaver type, which normal HAWKE branded weaver mounts cannot clamp onto as this rail is too thin. We normally recommend these mounts. They are 30mm, but w/ the insertion of the plastic 1" adapters, you'll be able to use a 1" telescope as well. 

If you are looking at this rifle as a 20m / close quarter tactical utility, then you might find this red dot sight of interested

This is a nice enough backyard plinker and will most certainly be suitable for shooting 100 meters, using these slugs. This deadly combination will supply you with the necessary firepower to blast all kinds of small targets away at those long distances.

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive your P35 empty / uncharged out of the box, you'll need to cock the lever in order to fill the gun up. Leaving the gun uncocked before doing so, might result in the air escaping right out of the barrel.

Technical Specifications:

Calibre: 5.5(.22)

Air reservoir capacity: 265cc, 16.17 ci, 4.34l 
2-stage cocking / forward sidelever action w/ short vertical cylindrical bar for cocking the gun. The cocking lever is attached to the horizontal rod that actuates the pellet probe.
Regulator: Yes.
Magazine: 9 shot, self indexing. Features an aluminium housing, polymer feeder gear w/ acrylic dial. Slots in right to left into the breech once the cocking lever has been engaged.
Calibre: 5.5mm (.22) - 9 shot magazine capacity. Feeds both slugs and pellets, though not longer skirted pellets.
Trigger pull break point: 1-5Lb.f
Push through nub that sits behind the trigger, by its top-side. Pushing from right to left takes the rifle off of safe and into "FIRE" mode, whereas the reverse puts the rifle on "SAFE" mode, disabling/internally blocking the trigger. When in "FIRE" mode, the jutted nub will have a clear red band around it, to indicate its current mode as an added safety feature. We find this to be a little fidgety to operate, though it is probably for the best if this rifle requires more attention to take off of safe, so that one would do it more consciously / intentionally.
Barrel length: 450mm
Maximum pressure: 25Mpa / 250 BAR / 3626 PSI. The green section bordering the red on the dial face, should otherwise be a quick reference when speed-filling the reservoir. Just make sure not to mix the readings up and push only to the 25 mark.
Weight: 2.4 kg 
Stock: Blow-moulded Polypropylene, (PP)
Included in this deal, you will receive:
1x SNOWPEAK P35 .22 PCP air rifle
1x SNOWPEAK branded domed pellets, 15.9gr pellets
1x Bag of spare O-rings
1x Polygonal guage socket tool for removing the guage.
1x Small set of allen keys
The packaging is a rectangular box, profile cut for all the contents that are included as stipulated above.

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