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Cocking level finger handle for the ARTEMIS P15. It fits over the cocking lever fore end quite spaciously, able to slip over about 18.20mm of the lever.

The nice feature about this lever is that, instead of needing to rotate your hand horizontally from the vertical holding position on the P15's handle, you would now be able to cock the rifle w/ your right hand in vertical position, removing the need thus to swivel your hand when going to the cocking lever and when coming from it. As such, it will shorten the time spent cocking the gun, dramatically improving the ease and ergonomy of this motion, making it feel like much less of a hassle, minimising the distraction from your shooting, helping you stay concentrated on your POI.

This cocking lever's handles are reinforced at the critical stress-bearing points (closest to the middle piece) w/ an M4 stainless steel threaded rod, which the individual finger levers are threaded over. As such, these levers can individually be unthreaded off. One can then remove one of these finger levers and use this in as a true biathlon cocking lever (w/ only one finger lever) should it be so desired, however, the internal thread might need to be cut shorter. This can be done here at our shop on request at no extra charge.

Once you've purchased and received your cocking lever, you'll need to apply it to your lever. In doing so, it will need to fit snug, without any play and shouldn't easily come off. This can be done by;

- Wrap electrical/insulation tape around the lever tightly until this handle would not be able to fit on. From there, evenly heat the coiled tape w/ a heat gun until the tape becomes maleable and affix your cocking lever as such. The hotter the insulation tape, the better the fusing. Alternatively, you can keep the insulation tape cold and affix the cocking lever as such, however, it doesn't need as thick of a layer of insulation tape then.

- Cast molt hot glue from a glue gun not in excess of 80�C into the hollow of this handle and let it cool just enough for it to not be runny. From there, you can attach the handle as such to your lever, however, make sure that the glue will be able to tack onto your lever first.

- Alternatively, you can stuff the handle's hollow up w/ putty and affix it with a little effort onto your lever.

Please note that we cannot accept any liability due to DIY installations gone awry and that the above is for suggestion only. It is up to the end-user to decide how they want to intall this cocking handle.


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