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Nova Vista Leviathan PS-Z, 140cc Black Synthetic .22Cal

The stock on this rifle is hollow and for the price of this product, you basically receive a complete PCP starter kit. The rifle pushes up to a 250 BAR and is one of the few PCP rifles on the market to actually feature an automatic overpressure release, preventing unintended damage to your air reservoir due to overfilling it.

The filling probe is separate, unlike the PS-R1 model, where the male q/c connector is integrated. This rifle does not feature open sights, so you'll definitely need to look at a telescope or at the very least, a holographic sight for taking aim.

This rifle uses a ten shot magazine and does come w/ a single shot loader included in the package for better accuracy down range. The telescope rail is both dovetail and Picatinny, so your choice of mount rings shouldn't be limited. However, we do recommend using Picatinny mount rings, as the dovetail rail is broken up in segments where the cross bolt of the Picatinny mount rings would fit through.

Being an unregulated rifle, your longer range capabilities will be limited, but you should be good for packing your EXACT HEAVY JUMBO 18.13gr pellets downrange at a muzzle velocity of 900 w/ the necessary adjustments made to your externally adjustable hammer spring, which will supply you with sufficient power for most small game hunting applications.

This rifle has a bit of an aggressive demeanour and does slightly recoil per shot fired. It works reliably and you could possibly push 21 grain .217 slugs with this rifle at closer ranges.

Don't forget to order a picatinny mounted bipod as well, such as the ACCU-TAC immitation one. Also, for longer distance shots, you should look at a cheaper bubble level option, to eliminate rifle cant for holdover shots, especially if you'll be at shooting different distances.

Otherwise, if you are strong armed, then refilling this rifle with the pump supplied from 100 BAR, should be about a 15 - 20 minute PT.


  • .22 (5.5mm) 
  • Side-Lever Action
  • Automatic Over pressure Air Release
  • Includes 1 Rotary Magazine & Single-shot tray
  • Filling probe separate, plugs in under the belly of this rifle, via a dedicated air port.
  • Fully Shrouded Barrel, which muffles most of the shot report audio. 


Colour & Material Composition: Black synthetic plastic, completely hollow though, which does reduce the weight on the rifle quite a bit, but also makes the stock vulnerable to impact damage. There are few traction features on the stock itself, with the primary exception being the buttplate which is rubberized. It features an integrated raised cheek piece.

Powerplant: PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic). Rifles in this class is filled up from a source of air / atmospheric gas up to 250 BAR (in this case), though, the means to accomplish this pressure, are limited, even amongst industrial grade products. Hence that, pneumatic devices capable of pushing atleast 200 BAR fall under a special category previously reserved for dive tank replenishing and likewise, adds to the dreaded "start up cost" that does turn alot of prospective shooters back to break barrel rifle shooting.
In this case however, you're supplied with the handpump to refill your rifle - you'll just need to assemble it yourself, which is rather straightforward - just use PROPER TOOLS and not the supplied little flimsy multitool - that should only be used to torque your second stage pistonhead out of the outer shaft, as it has that AR-15 style arc-wrench.

.22 (5.5mm)

Pellet Velocity:
 800 FPS, w/ 15.42gr pellets. Not too shabby for a lower budget rifle like this.

 Repeater - no break barrels or long under levers. Just cock your rifle per shot. The nice feature t

Shot Capacity:
 Features a 10 shot self-indexing multishot magazine, spares of which we do stock. The magazine is generous in dimension, all-plastic w/ a vinyl face. The latter is also the winding tool by which to tension up the spring, whereafter a pellet or slug is inserted into the last slot and thereafter, the remainder slots filled with air rifle ammunition in no specific order, so long as they're all filled up. Otherwise, if you want to limit how many shots you want to load in your magazine, you'll need to load them in order from last toward first.

Barrel Type:
 Rifled Steel

Air capacity:
 140cc via the underbarrel air reservoir which runs parallel to the barrel shroud and does leave for a flush finish. No obtruse tanks leaving a more obvious PCP appearance. On factory setting, you should be looking at about 60 - 70 usable shots

Fill pressure: 250 Bar / 3650psi 

 NOT REGULATED, does not feature a second guage, which echoes the aforementioned. So you'll have shots with inconsistent muzzle velocities, but for pushing 70 meters, this isn't really a problem.

Action: Side lever, two stage cocking w/ an all-polymer lever, though the vertical shaft on this lever is generous for an easy hold, not too bbeefy either and does feature some hoopline texturing for better grip. Nice feature to the placement of this cocking lever, is that, you don't need to take your eyes off of your target, in order to cock the rifle, which allows for faster follow-up shots.

Mounting Rail:
 Picatinny + 11mm Dovetail hybrid, which unlike the HATSAN type, will accept standard 9-11mm dovetail as well as Picatinny. We recommend using the Picatinny rail, as the dovetail rail is segmented to accomodate for the through-bolt on Picatinny mounting clamps.

Forend Rail: Underbarrel Picatinny rail, made of polymer, 6 slotted. This would typically be to mount your Picatinny-mounted bipod onto, though can be used to mount a laser or flashlight on, if so desired.

 Manual, via a shiney nub behind the cocking lever which can easily be pushed back -or forwards to actuate it. It does so with very little resistance and is out of the way, meaning you won't accidentally toggle it.

Trigger: 2-Stage Adjustable

 Rubber, earth-textured

Accuracy: < 12.4mm (C to C, 20 meter, 5 Shots)

Weight: 2.6 KG

Package Dimensions: 1090mm x 60mm x 180mm

Please see the product review video hereunder;


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