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- Side-Lever Action / 2 stage cocking action. The cocking lever has the same force needed as the LEVIATHAN in hollow synthetic, w/ a generous vertical lever, though this vertical extension is not rotational as on the HP900.

- Automatic Over-pressure Air Release; useful for preventing cumulative damage caused by over filling the rifle.

- Includes one multi shot self-indexing magazine & single-shot tray. The former simply drops in vertically once the pellet probe is retracted, whereas the multi shot magazine fits in like a HATSAN type - from right to left, using a notch that fits over the breech mound and clicks positively into position once properly engaged. On another note, the multi-shot magazine's vinyl face does retain once fully wound up fully against the spring tension, negating the need to retain this by hand when you turn the magazine around prior to inserting the first pellet.

- Integrated male Q/C at the frontal most terminal of the air reservoir shroud, covered by a protective aluminium cap that threads on. a Female q/c from a fill whip will attach directly onto this. The nice thing here is that this system does save you the need to eventually have to replace filling probe O-rings. This part also has copper rods compounded into its inlet channel which acts as a last-guard filtration, to ward out any solid microbial matter, etc.

- Fully Shrouded Barrel - this does negate alot of the noise that would otherwise be present per shot fired, though this doesn't necessarily make the rifle backyard friendly. We do recommend investing in a silencer and naturally, to improve on your accuracy, a DONNYFL AVENGER / ORIGIN silencer adapter, which has an extended bit which fits over the barrel.

- Externally-adjustable regulator (up to 3,000 PSI/210 BAR). This can be adjusted using a flat drive. You can adjust the regulator down only when the rifle is unpressurized. You can adjust the regulator upward when there is air in, and we recommend doing so, although slowly, as the changes made wil;l require you to empty the air reservoir out before you can detune the regulator.

- 180cc air cylinder. On factory setting this will allow you about 80 shots using 18.13 gr's. These should perform in the region of 850 FPS.

- Max fill pressure 300 bar. Extremely high pressure, also which allows you to make ample use of the regulator's higher setting, to max out muzzle velocity on the KNOCK OUT slugs, for example, though we don't necessarily recommend pushing 27 grain pellets with this.

- Easily-accessible hammer spring adjustment screw - adjusts by means of an allen key. Be sure to have access to a chronograph when making these adjustments as this will be useful for cataloguing your shots strings, paper punches and serve as useful D.O.P.E for future changes you need to make on the rifle to further optimize shot strings.

- Ambidextrous wood stock; has a nice weighty, solid and good feel to it. Also features some stippling on the front and on the handle section of the stock, both sides. 

- Front and Rear Sling mounting points; Sling swivel at the rear and a sling swivel attach point at the front, behind the Picatinny rail. Both are metal, however, for prolonged carry, we recommend using a sling adapter and attaching it onto the Picatinny rail.

- Underbarrel Picatinny rail; this will allow for the attachment of a Picatinny rail, or a hunting flashlight or laser, whichever way inclined. This rail is anodized Aluminium by the way.

- Dual mounting rail, Picatinny and 9-11mm dovetail. We recommend making use of the Picatinny mounting option, as the dovetail rail is segmented to allow the crossbolt on the Picatinny rail to pass through. The dovetail would really only be for emergency use or if you are using a cheaper scope and/or not worried about the amount of contact surface with the dovetail rail.

The trigger guard and cocking lever is plastic on this gun. Otherwise, everything else is either wood or metal. 

The buttplate is rubberized and partially vented. It has horizontal debossed lines across the buttplate allowing for ample shoulder traction whilst also being crescent shaped to better mould to the shoulder contour. 

Furthermore, this rifle does feature a degasser on the lopside of the stock, allowing for easy depressurizing of the rifle should that be desired.


Power source PCP
Fill pressure (bar / psi) 300 / 4351
Energy ( 22
Velocity (m/s / fps) 1000 (8.44gr)
Cocking system Side lever
Magazine Capacity 10
Safety Yes
Weight (grams) 2900
Barrel Length (mm / inch) 665 / 26"
Total length (mm / inch) 1080 / 42.5"
Sights No open sights
Riflescope included No
Mounting rail type Dovetail (11mm), Weaver / Picatinny
Stock Ambidextrous
Stock material Wood
Extras 1x multi shot & 1 single shot magazine



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