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? USB Rechargeable, compact flashlight - miniature, can easily be tucked away into a pocket, however, this flashlight does come supplied w/ a nylon pouch w/ belt loop for reholstering and keeping the module at arm's reach as is needed. This same pouch has a D-ring on top for carrying the pouch per a carabiner on one's vest or backpack, should one so choose.

? LED is a CREE XP-L HD V6 w/ maximum output of 1000 lumens, w/ maximum beam intensity of 8000 candella, sporting a beam throw of up to 178 meters.

? The optical output combined the above-mentioned w/ a crystal-coated lense and "Precision Digital Optics Technology" (PDOT). The lens is double-sided w/ scratch-resistant coating

? Powered by a built-in 2600 mAh 18650 battery, recharging by means of a Li-Ion charging circuit integrated into the module.

? A highly efficient charging circuit, patent technology by NITECORE, provides a stable, non-gradually dimming luminescence for up to 245 hours on its lowest output mode.

? The metal tail switch toggles between the three brightness settings and the one special mode.

HIGH: Approx. 1000 lumens / maximum output. The strobe mode also runs at this output. Runtime: About 1h, 45min @ 8000 cd. Please note that the flashlight will self-regulate its intensity when using this mode for 4 minutes and longer. This is to prevent heat build-up.

MEDIUM: Approx. 200 lumens. Runtime: About 6hr, 45 min @ 1940 cd

LOW: Approx. 5 lumens. Runtime: About 145 hr @ 45 cd

? The NITECORE patented tail light/power indicator, displays through ROP (rate of pulse), the amount of battery power remaining;

One pulse every two seconds indicates that the power is close to 50%

Beneath that, the pulsing will grow increasingly more rapid, indicating that the unit must be charged.


When the flashlight is OFF, double press the tail light within a space of 0.4 seconds, and the power indicator will flash as noted below to indicate;

3x: The power left exceeds 50%

2x: The power left is beneath 50%

1x: The power left is beneath 10%

At low power, the flashlight will auto-shutoff, to prevent the battery from obtaining damage due to total drainage.

? Integrated thermal / overheat protection. Thus, in indoor and outdoor conditions at normal temperatures and pressures, this flashlight will never overheat.

? Manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, coated w/ a Military HA III level anodizing and dyed black. This really lends superior protection against abrasion-caused paint tarnishing, whilst minimizing the amount of finish that comes off should the module suffer a drop, knock / hard bump. However, it is usually nonchalant towards minor/everyday handling.

? IPX8 rating - little protection against dust, but sports water submersion protection for up to 2m. Therefore, this flashlight is perfectly suitable for use in rainy and fog conditions.

? Impact/shock resistant for drops of up to one meter

? Has tail stand capability - the flashlight can be made to stand upright on a horizontal surface w/ the light throwing vertically upward. This makes it useful as an LED lantern, whilst also as an emergency beacon, w/ its special mode.

? The charging port is on the tail, covered w/ a Flexi rubber dust cap, which has a clear USB logo etched onto its exterior flap. It has a small finger tab for pulling the cap off of the USB port it covers.

? Included in this deal, you will receive:

1x NITECORE FL01 compact 1000 lumen LED Flashlight

1x Nylon sheath w/ velcro flap retention, sporting a D-ring. NITECORE branded.

1x USB - Micro USB charging cable. Sports a thin vecro cable-management tie, for bundling the chord up neatly and keep it that way for storage. NITECORE branded as well.

1x Pocket clip collar, metal. This clips around the flashlight, to clip the flashlight to one's pocket. We recommend using this in conjunction w/ the holster - clipping the flashlight onto the holster's side for added retention.

1x NITECORE branded attachable lanyard w/ adjuster. This allows the user to couple the flashlight to his wrist, and tighten it to his/her wrist's diameter. It is padded as well, to lend some softness to one's skin and improve overall ergonomy.


Length: 118.6mm / 4.67"

Head �: 24mm / 0.94"

Tail �: 24mm / 0.94"

Weight: 99g / 3.48 oz


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