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This is a lovely combo for giving to your security guard, one preferably that is a little seasoned / more loyal, that won't run away w/ the stuff. Most of the goods supplied in this combo are elementary, included to bring the price down as much as possible, whilst still providing products that will hold up and perform its job. The flashlight is a little small, though as an inspection utility, is works just fine.

The blank pistol here is a WALTHER PPK replica and is hard to field strip - making it slightly more ideal, than say, the MOD 92 and BLOW F92 that alot of security guards tend to field strip w/ little / no knowledge of its reassembly. In alot of cases, this occurs unintentionally, as just flipping that lever, accidentally or otherwise, would cause the slide to come off the slide rails at the rear.

Just watch with this pistol for the frontal grub-screw insert - it can come out, whether through vibration over time or intentionally removed, to make the frontal end of the pistol 'look more realistic'. As a precaution, you can apply thread adhesive to this grub screw, the high strength one in particular, which will prevent the screw from coming loose.

In this Combo you will receive the following :

  • 1 X SUR Arms 2608 Blank Gun
  • 10 X V-Sport Blank Rounds (Max Pressure Legal Cartridge)
  • 1 X Ambidextrous IWB Holster W/ Metal Clip
  • 1 X American Style Teargas Spray - 110ml


This is another WALTHER PPK replica that we stock, this time manufactured in Turkey, not quite w/ the exact same quality as the BRUNI variant, but not w/ its price either.

(Please note that the WALTHER PPK illustrated here is not for advertisement purposes - only for visual comparison)

For those wondering about the key features on this pistol - we've got you covered;

  • All metal design, completely black in colour
  • Fieldstrips authentically, like the WALTHER PPK does, however, easier than the BRUNI NEW POLICE
  • Excellent pricetag
  • The slide does holdback when (auto)racked if the magazine is empty. So you can remove the magazine w/out the slide automatically resetting on you.
  • Once broken in proper, this magazine will load up w/ 8x shot and cycle it reliably - one shot more than the 84FS and certainly higher capacity than the BRUNI NEW POLICE

Here we have another quaint little addition to the SUR ARMS lineup - the 2608 model, which as previously mentioned, can load up 8 rounds, possibly 8+1, although preliminary testing haven proven this to cycle correctly as yet. The WALTHER PPK on the other hand

The hammer on this pistol is steel, featuring a full rounded head/top that is thoroughly cross-serrated w/ a pinhole through the head. It does cock sure enough and does feature a flat striking face. The safety lever on this pistol has a 10mm parallelogram shape w/ four grooves that hinges around an axial pin. You could actuate this lever quite readily w/ your firing hand's thumb if you are right handed and even when looking through your open sights w/ the pistol in shooting position, you could hinge the lever from 7 'o clock (SAFE) to 9 'o clock (FIRE) by bending your thumb in a little awkward.

The cocking seerrations on this pistol is a row of slanted serrations, a 33mm series of them that extends around the safety lever's arc of movement path. These otherwise take up as much of the vertical space on the slide as possible to maximize finger traction as your fingers squish against them.

The magazine release is an 8mm diameter button shape, steel of course w/ a concentric checkering pattern on it that does discharge the magazine freely from the magwell.

There is a mock lanyard loophole behind the magazine buttplate, whose purpose isn't clear, except maybe as a battering nub, should melee combat w/ this pistol be desired.

Otherwise, perhaps the defining feature to this pistol, which is a first amongst all blank guns, is that, after the slide catches to the rear w/ an empty magazine engaged, it stays in position and cannot be disengaged, save by removing the magazine and then pulling the slide back, which disengages the slide catch. That being said, this pistol does not feature a traditional slide catch. 
The aforementioned is realistic and does reflect how the WALTHER PPK actually operates when the last shot is expended or if the slide is racked w/ an empty magazine in. Really nice.

Otherwise, the gripstocks on this pistol are polymer, but aren't fully checkered - it is only checkered up to the thumb rest and likewise, has a low concave shape whereupon the thumb can rest and wherein the index finger can sleeve.

The ejection port otherwise is exactly like on the PPK and this pistol does cycle reliably. The blowback spring is fitted around the barrel, lacking as expected, a blowback rod parallel to -and under the barrel.

We do otherwise, appreciate the aesthetic of this pistol as well as the little added realism to it.

sur 2608

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