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Small compact and handy little 12V compressor, easily capable of filling up your PCP rifle, though we strongly advise against using this unit to refill a scuba tank. a Small HPA recepticle such as a 13CI / 3000 PSI tank which the Gauntlet or TMC ELITE / AIRTHRU uses, can be recharged with this compressor.

It is fan-cooled, not oil cooled, since it isn't a heavy duty machine. 
By using this compressor in conjunction w/ the included jumper cables, you can couple this module to your vehicle's 12V battery, making it ideal for your outdoor hunting / shooting excursions - just be sure to follow the instructions laid out in the red A4 sheet, step by step as given, to ensure the longevity of your compressor.

It should also go without saying that, due to the vented slots on side sides, that there is a big risk of ingress and that, the pump should ideally be protected by adding some stainless steel mesh over the sides, finer mesh too if you have available.

By using the included external power supply, you can use the supplied kettle plug to power it up from a wall outlet, then you attach your jumper cables to that. Just watch that you don't cross your polarities and be double sure to confirm they match up. We recommend checking this way prior to powering the PSU up.

This box does have an carry handle that extends out slightly on both ends once you pick the compressor up.

Please be aware that you need to bleed the compressor before removing the fillwhip / uncoupling any of the airtight connections, as we won't be held liable for injuries suffered from the fillwhip lashing out.

Included in this deal, you will receive 3x replacement filters for the inline filter housing, which needs to be replaced only every 3 - 6 months, depending on how close you live to the industrial areas in your area. Also be aware that you can also just cut off a bad part of the filter / a burnt section, which can also btw, cause a conjestion of air as the burnt part of the filter will cause a blockage, rather than allowing the air to syphon through. This typically occurs if you use the pump w/ the filter section closest to the compressor instead of the other way around.

Otherwise, please be sure to clean this compressor up on a regular basis as a clean thing is a whole thing. You guys might be surprised to learn that, regular cleaning can ensure the continued smooth and healthy operation of your machine.

From the manufacturer's website:

Applicable Industries : Home use, Hunting 

Showroom : None 

Condition : New 

Type : Piston 

Configuration : Portable 

Power Source : Dc Power 

Lubrication Style : Oil free 

Mute : No

Brand Name : Zhengfu

Voltage : Dc 12V 

Dimensions (L*W*H) 16cm*19cm*11cm

Weight : 5.5

Warranty : 1 year 

Working Pressure : 300 bar 

Warranty of core components : 1 year 

Core Components : Motor, Pump

Gas Type : Air
DC 12v
Used for charging pcp air tank
40Mpa charge 4500psi air tank
Below 1L air tank
20 minutes fill 0.5L air tank
Power of temperature display
Button battery

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