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EKOL BOTAN not included in this deal, for illustration purposes only.

IWB / OWB 600D Ballistic grade nylon made holster for the RETAY P114 frame dimension initially, though we found that this holster will fit the EKOL BOTAN, the SUR 2004, although not really the BLOW MINI 9 - that pistol is slightly minute and has its own holster especially designated for it.

Basic holster to fit the profile of pistol as stated in the descriptor, although, w/ the premium quality and finish you'd expect from MAVERICK.

This holster's main body is comprised of 600D grade ballistic nylon. The inside straight of the holster is reinforced w/ a long strip of webbing, to provide extra scuff-resistance. Likewise, the top-most of the holster mouth is further reinforced. The stitching here is also multi-rowed in tight formation.

There is accomodation of course, made for the trigger guard and the bottom, we have an opening for respiration, which should prevent perspiration from forming over and inside the pistol.

The belt clip applicable here is a polymer one - nice and flexible, will resist breakage and snapping. It is inserted into place via the top of the branded rubber retainer. This same retainer holds the product label in place.

The entirety of the holster is trimmed w/ folded webbing along its edging and the holster in its entirety, certainly has a very rigid feel to it.

The new generation of MAVERICK holsters certainly do reflect years worth of manufacturing and customer feedback - you can see all the specific tension points that will wear through with time, have been reinforced.

MAVERICK CLIP ON (IWB) HOLSTER - RETAY P114 - NeonSales South Africa

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