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This is a MAN-KUNG (Taiwanese manufactured) slingshot, sporting modern advances in polymer moulding and synthetic durability, notwithstanding catchy innovations;

In the case of this slingshot, we have a complete weatherproof slingshot body that will survive the rigods of the outdoors that wood otherwise would succumb to. The embedded grip panels are tacky w/ paralell flashes of the polymer peering through to help the grip panels stay put against downwardly exerting forces. The grip part of the frame, is a pistol grip, just btw, and does comfortably hold in a level position

The slingshot yoke frame can be adjusted backward or forwards, though is supplied out of the box on its forward-most setting. The locking mechanism responsible here, is a set of pan head phillips drive pan head screws, which will optimally require a large screw driver to properly torque. a Smaller screwdriver will not effectively work and may just scratch or otherwise damage the screws.

At the base of the handle, you'll find a spring-loaded slider that keeps the feeder hole at the lopside of the slingshot closed. Once depressed, it opens the hole to gravity-feed your stashed ammunition out into your palm, which can then be quickly tucked into the slingshot's leather pad, for firing. The great feature to this, is that the magazine slot automatically closes, due to being spring loaded, which does help increase your rate of fire, whilst also circumventing the need to keep pockets full of ammo. In this way, your slingshot ammo stays on your slingshot and you don't need to go looking for it, unless you want to top-up your magazine / reservoir. This moving mechanism also has an inside stop that co-actuates with the trap, which captures one shot and dispenses it only, instead of allowing your shot to just come gushing out.

Then we have the arm brace, which is made from a stiff / mostly rigid rubber compound, which rests in a convex shape, to press more ergonomically against one's arm to prevent the slingshot from tilting over rearward when the loaded round is being readied for launch. Also nice is that the brace is adjustable rearwards and out of the box, it comes in its forward-most configuration. This too is adjustable by means of the two phillips drive panhead screws embedded ontop of the frame. The yoke and the brace frames respectively, are simultaneously adjustable when the screws disengage from the top clamp / bracket.

The slingshot comes in this high visibility colour scheme which isn't the most tactical of setups, but nothing a little RUSTOLEUM won't fix, unless you appreciate the ability the be able to easily locate your slingshot, if you place it down somewhere or might otherwise just appreciate this slingshot as a recreational implement, then perfect.

The elastic band is latex of course and does readily flex. For its longevity, some sources recommend utilizing WD 40, though most agree on steering clear of petroleum-based substances.

The leather pad of course is synthetic and a bit of BALLISTOL now and against, should keep it in tip-top form.

On a side note, please bear in mind that the hole at the base of the handle measures 10mmø, so just purchase your shot accordingly. The clearance from the stopper to the outside the trap door is about 14.50mm, so spherical shot that is 9.5mmø should work perfect.


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