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(Please note that this deal does not include any optics / foregrips.. Only the starter kit. The other items are shown for illustration only - to show how the rifle would look when kitted out w/ add-ons / accessories. We have a video quick-start guide included in the media line-up - Just to show how fast you can get shooting after unpacking your box)

The Lancer Tactical Gen 2 line is Lancers line of beginner AEGs on the market, being extremely budget friendly, and containing all needed to get the gun on the field, right down to the BBs, The Gen 2 line comes in a variety of sizes, colours, and designs, today we will be looking at the Lancer Tactical LT-15 Gen 2 model.

From the front of the gun comes an orange tipped mock silencer. The front sight is a standard flip up style sight that is adjustable for elevation. The outer barrel is made of polymer and is 5.5 inches. Covering the outer barrel is a 7” quad rail system that provides plenty of rail spaces for accessories such as grip, flashlight, laser, or PEQ box. The rail system is made of durable polymer which also keeps the weight down.

The body is made of the same polymer material as the rail system. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation, it is also removable if another sighting system such as red dot sight or scope is preferred. The dust cover on the Gen 2 series can be easily opened to access the hop up unit, otherwise the dust cover will stay open as the default position with a mock bolt plate to prevent any unwanted debris from entering the hop up or the gearbox. All Gen 2 AEGs have a sling adapter on its comfortable 6 position retractable crane stock. The battery housing is located inside the crane stock, and the space inside the stock can accommodate a 9.6V NiMH Nunchuck battery.

The gearbox is a full metal V2 gearbox that is compatible with an extensive variety of aftermarket replacement or upgrade parts. Based on the gearbox specs, it is recommended to use this rifle with a 9.6v NiMH battery or a 7.4v Lipo battery. 11.1v Lipo batteries are more powerful and can be used to power the rifle to achieve a higher rate of fire and crispier trigger response but at the cost of a higher rate of wear and tear on the rifle.

All Lancer Tactical Gen 2 series come with the same hop up and barrel set up: aluminum inner barrel, plastic hop up and standard bucking. Just like the gear box, all major components listed above can be replaced or upgraded with aftermarket parts to achieve better accuracy.

The Lancer Tactical LT-15 Gen 2 has 2 versions, high power that shoots around 370-400fps, low power that shoots around 310-350fps . The Lancer Tactical LT-15 Gen 2 AEG is a great beginner to intermediate choice for anyone who’s looking to start playing airsoft, and the is great for any outdoor field games because it shoots within the recommended FPS for outdoor games plus it is lightweight yet durable external materials, intermediate barrel, and budget price.

 The Lancer Tactical  LT-15B M4 CQB-SD Gen2 AEG is a 2nd Generation of Lancer Tactical AEGs. It features a stronger reinforced polymer receiver to be more durable and solid feel. It comes standard with a full metal outer barrel and an integrated mock suppressor. It also comes standard with a 6.03mm precision inner barrel and an adjustable rotary type hop-up to significantly improve bb accuracy. Thea gearbox features a full metal shell with easy spring change feature, polycarbonate piston body with metal teeth, and metal gearset.

This package now comes standard with the gun itself, a 300 round high capacity magazine, 9.6v 1600mah NiMh battery, and smart charger.

Features & Specs:

  • Manufacturer: Lancer Tactical
  • Model: LT-15B M4 CQB-SD Gen2 Airsoft Gun 
  • Color Options: Black or Tan 
  • SKU: LT-15B-G2
  • BB Velocity: (choose from low to high velocity)
    • High Velocity 370-400 FPS 
    • Low Velocity 320-350 FPS
  • UPC: n/a
  • Fore-end: 7" Picatinny Rail, Reinforced Polymer, with integrated mock suppressor
  • Receiver: Reinforced Polymer Receiver
  • Type: Electric
  • Fire Option: Semi, Full Auto
  • HopUp: Yes, Adjustable, Rotary
  • Outer Barrel: 5" Metal Outer Barrel with integrated mock suppressor
  • Inner Barrel: 6.03 Precision Inner Barrel
  • Gearbox: Full Metal Gearbox V2, Quick Spring Change Design
  • Gearset: Full Metal Gearset
  • Bushing: 8mm Meal Bushing
  • Mosfet: No
  • Range: 150-200ft
  • Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds High Capacity
  • Lipo Ready:
  • Weight: 4.3lbs
  • 2nd Generation of Lancer Tactical AEGs
  • Quick Spring Change Design
  • Rotary HopUp
  • Front and Rear Flip-Up Sights

Package Includes:

  • 1x Lancer Tactical LT-15B-G2 M4 Gen2 AEG Rifle
  • 1x 300 Round High Capacity Mag
  • 1x 9.6V 1600MAH Nunchuck Battery
  • 1x Smart Charger, TYPE A plug (USA)
  • 1000x 0.20g 6mm Lancer Tactical BBs
  • 1x 6mm flexible ram rod - plastic made
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • Small rifle shaped LANCER TACTICAL velcro patch

    Product video review can be perused here;


    Also, to change the power / spring on these rifles, are also a quite simple matter;

    LANCER TACTICAL 15" M4 AEG MARKER (GEN 2) - 6MM - NeonSales South Africa

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