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Featuring the KUZEY S900 - a more "aggressive" alternative to the P122.

The frame appearance exactly resembles the P122 model and one could say that the frame is one in the same. The slide itself is also exactly like that of the P122, w/ the exactly the same dimensions, except here there are a few cosmetic differences;
on the front, you'll have three angled clip grooves over the chamfered edges of the slide's upper, whereas on the rear, you'll have four of the same. Despite this, they cannot be used to rack the slide as they are awkwardly positioned and provides poor grasping traction, which they primarily owe to their positioning on the slide relative to the top edge.

There is furthermore also an added protruding ridgeline along the base of the slide, whereas the top of the slide is more aggressively chamfered. 
The slide on this pistol certainly is feature-rich w/ eye-catching details, which adds to its visual appeal, as it breaks up the otherwise plain, featureless appearance, loaned off of the P122 model.

It otherwise field strips exactly like the P122 doesn, by pulling down on the dual-sided angular tabs by the middle of the frame's upper, which pulls down on the locking bar. Once this has been pulled down, the slide can be disengaged from the frame by  pulling it rearward to its extrremity of allotance, whereafter the rear can be jacked off the rail and the slide will come off forward.

You have the double slot Picatinny rail under the barrel as with the P122, so you can mount your underbarrel flashlight there.

Also, it features the same GLOCK-inspired double blade trigger safety, albeit this is a very basic variant thereof and has a slightly crude feel, not as refined for example, as the GN 19 one is, though works nevertheless.

The magazine is a 18+1 shot type, interchangeable w/ the A100, P122 and A100 and F92. It feeds reliably and likewise, this blank gun platform by Kuzey hasn't been known by us to be whatsoever problematic - no chambering and no cycling issues. This model in particular also does not feature the constricted tip, but rather the same tip as the KUZEY 911 range



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