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KUZEY ARMS A100 - Our old favourite now available in full black again! The barrel, muzzle and ejection port are all chromed out.

Metal slide w/ pronounced cocking serrations both rear and front. The slide itself has a pronounced shape and racks w/out much finger traction needed on the slide to fully rack it.

The frame itself is polymer w/ a flecktarn camouflage pattern - large frame so it could be slightly unwieldy to smaller hands. The handle itself does not feature any sort of scallops / fingergrooves, but itdoes feature a broadened front and rear end, stippled grip panels on the sides and square box checkering on the front and rear, akin to that featured on a GLOCK.

The takeup on the trigger once the slide is racked, is slightly long, though, if you pull the trigger straight through, you'll barely feel it break, however, the hammer climbing off the sear may catch you suddenly by surprise. You can however, gently rear in on the takeup, however, just be careful to not accidentally drop pull too hard.

Has pistol lanyard hole at bottom, behind magazine buttplate. This can be utilized to affix the pistol to your person via a lanyard.

This pistol has a backstrap safety only - no conventional safety mechanism. The purpose of this backstrap safety is to ensure that, your hand has to be purposefully wrapped around the handle in order to be able to actuate the trigger - the same type of primary safety featured on a COLT 1911.

This pistol has an underbarrel Picatinny rail w/ three slots to mount a flashlight / laser module on and does measure up more or less to what a Picatinny rail should measure up to.

The tip of the muzzle has an end-piece threaded in w/ a finer hole which can be threaded out if so desired. Howeveer, please note that removal of this tip will mean that your pistol won't be able to fire semi-automatic / the blowback feature of the slide will be disabled.
We also do not stock replacement end tips for the barrel end - if you loose yours, a replacement and installation fee w/ suppliers will be applicable.

This pistol is front venting and likewise, will expell pepper out through the muzzle.

The hammer is serrated on top to allow one to more easily actuate it using only one's thumb.

The magazine is completely chromed out, is in double stack configuration w/ a follower that moves smooth and cleanly. The magazine itself is sheet metal and shouldn't corrode as readily as those of other manufacturers do. The magazine only has three count holes, to more or less ascertain the shot count at one's disposal.  


  • Caliber: 9x22 mm P.A
  • Magazine Capacity: 18 +1 Chambered
  • Safety: BAcstrap safety only
  • Length: 220 mm
  • Height: 141 mm
  • Weight: 975 g
  • Single Action only / automatic pistol
  • Mechanism System: Semi Automatic


KUZEY A100 BLANK GUN - BLACK - NeonSales South Africa

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