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Key Features;

  • 8+1 shot capacity
  • All metal design
  • SAO
  • Field strips exactly like a COLT 1911
  • Genuine Turkish Wallnut gripstocks.
  • Hammer half cocked position possible
  • Fully functional backstrap safety

This is the KUZEY 911 SX model, basically a shortened variant of the KUZEY 911 model, though featuring the same 8+1 shot single stack magazine. For who really enjoy COLT type blank guns and could like something a little easier to carry, this pistol would certainly suit you guys.

The frame is all metal and the gripstocks are genuine Turkish wallnut. The hue does vary from gun to gun, which is just the nature of wood.  They are laser checkered w/ a diamond pattern and likewise around the set of fasteners (socket-drive panhead screws) we have plain diamond islands that contrasts sharply on the grips. They are really lovely of course and can be treated w/ something like BALLISTOL UNIVERSAL OIL to bring out the grain line of the wood.

This pistol field-strips exactly like the COLT 911 does and in the same order as well. Also, this pistol features a backstrap safety which needs to be depressed in order for you to discharge the pistol. The hammer is skeletized and on its ridge, there are cross-serrations for improved thumb-tractions. It is also one of the few blank guns that features a 'half cocked' postion, as it were, allowing you to carry the pistol slightly cocked should you so wish.

The beaver tail is quite authentic looking too, being an update that first featured on the M1911A1 variant that was issued to the US Armed Forces in 1936. However, the straight on the backstrap on the other hand is, in turn, reminescent of the 1911 model again.

The trigger is skeletized as well and is depressed, instead of being a blade that hinges. The sights are also raised, which is a nice touch.

Unlike some of the KUZEY 911 models out there w/ funky features on the slide, this one is mostly plain, featuring only the slanted cocking serrations to the rear of the slide that grip and rack w/ a little effort. The breech is chromed out / electroplated nickel, as is the barrel entirety. The frame and the controls are otherwise completely black, that blends in w/ the frame. You'll notice that the slide has two notches - one is to catch the slide and the smaller one is your field strip notch.

The magazine body has a chromed finish, which reduces its vulnerability to abrasion (especially being chucked into a metal magwell) and the follower of course, being polymer. The floorplate of the magazine likewise is polymer and these magazines' springs aren't too stiff - the blank cartridges loads up with relative ease.

Our overall impression of this pistol is very impressive and we do recommend them for people looking for a COLT 1911 replica. Compared to a BRUNI, we would certainly put this pistol up there w/ the BRUNI as a solid competitor, however, the BRUNI 1911 replica does fit into a COLT 1911 moulded hardshell holster, which this one does not.

In terms of the safety otherwise - there is a lever that can be toggled once the pistol is cocked, either by means of racking the slide or by pulling the hammer back into cocked position. Please don't try and force the safety lever otherwise. It toggles only once the pistol is cocked.

Also then, on a final note- you'll see that there is a grub screw inserted / threaded into the barrel end. This business enables blowback because the pistol does not fire bullets, whose resistance to the excess pressure, would otherwise enable the blowback. With the grub screw insert removed, the pistol would no longer be able to fire semi-automatic and you'll need to purchase a replacement.

Technical Specifications;


Replica of



9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)
Width (maximum)
Width (handle)


Weight (grams): 1144
Trigger Action
Single Action, Semi Auto.

Firing method

Hammer fired

Magazine capacity

8+1 Single Stack


All Metal, plastic grip stocks


Yes, ambidextrous front-lifting thumb switch on rear of frame. Actuates only when / if gun is cocked

Ease of Field Strip

6/10 - Quite a process. You start by pulling the slide back to the position where the slide catch corresponds w/ the field strip notch. Thereafter, you push the field strip lever through from the right face of the gun, to the left. Once removed, you can push the button where the blowback rod would normally stick out of. The muzzle end collar should then be able to rotate off counter-clockwise. Thereafter, you can take the frontal end under the muzzle out.

Lanyard loophole

Yes, behind magazine floorplate

Removable gripstocks

Yes w/ M3 hex drive socket heads, diamond checkered Turkish wallnut set

Magazine Release


Underbarrel Picatinny Rail

No, vintage pistols do not have underbarrel mounting options


Feel free to peruse our in-store product exhibition of these KUZEY 911 pistols;

KUZEY 911SX#1 BLANK GUN - BLACK CONTROLS - NeonSales South Africa

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