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Please send us your ID through upon purchase of this product - SAPS regulation. We cannot dispatch for you, if this documentation hasn't been received first.

We unfortunately cannot make any exceptions to the above.


** Most customer / reseller feedback we've received, indicate that these cartridges are among the best you can look at. Very reliable, performs noisily, just the way you want, produces alot of pressure for harder blowback and seldomly misfires. Non-corrosive too!

These blank cartridges possess high explosion sound and visual features of real bullet. It can be used in all kind of blank pistols (chambered for 9x22mm) safely. Made of brass plated iron.

  • Calibre: 9x22mm - Not suited for use in firearms
  • Produces a muzzle flash, noise similar to that of a firearm handgun when discharged and in automatic pistols, the spent casings eject the way bullet casings to from the firearm counterpart of the blank gun in question.
  • Maximum pressure, produces harder / faster blowback, higher rate of cartridge-ejection successes.
  • High explosion sound, likewise produces a nice and bright muzzle flash
  • 400 – 425 Bar Pressure
  • Reliable function - seldomly produces duds
  • Casings are quite rust-resistant
  • Non-corrosive
  • Does not produce a projectile of any sort
  • Produces carbon fouling inside the gun, that is easy to clean



Please note that blank cartridges are dangerous and can cause serious bodily injury. By purchasing these, and by sending us your ID (which should indicate to us that you are over the age of 18 years old), you imply that;

  1. The ID / picture thereof you produce is yours and not someone else's. 
  2. You assume any and all risk by discharging these cartridges along w/ any liability and bodily injury that might result from improper use.

If you might be curious as to what injury a discharged blank cartridge is capable of, then please see;,that%20from%20a%20conventional%20gun.

Also, feel free to have a look here;

Also, if you might be curious as to the difference between different blank cartridges, then please see;

KAISER BLANK CARTRIDGES, 9X22MM P.A.K - 50's - NeonSales South Africa

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